Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I had the CRAZIEST dream last night. It was one of those all-night-into-the-early-morning marathon dreams. I swear those are usually the most bizarre.

I dreamed these people invaded my home, and as the kids and I cowered together (inside the shell of an old car inside the house) one of the ladies walked up to us, brandishing something, and started...shampooing and conditioning my daughter's hair. She was giving her a "bath."

Then they started on my sons, and I saw a lot of them, darting back and forth, and they were cleaning my house. They were mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. There were dozens of them (only it was some freaky trick, they all had the same face as the blonde lady who was bathing my kids) and there was a man in the midst of it all, who looked a lot like Fred Willard, the actor. I had run to one of my bathrooms and was scrubbing the toilet before the lady came in, because I was embarrassed of how dirty it was. Only this toilet was BEYOND. It had sludge in it, and I was trying to dislodge it, and Fred Willard came up to me with a clipboard and a pen, and said "Are you so-and-so?" I nodded my head, and he motioned me to the kitchen table.

By the way, I wasn't even in my own house. I was in some weird house I'd never been in before. There was a lot of white in it, and it didn't look a thing like a house I'd ever lived in.
Well, Fred looked at me and said "I have you down as ordering some NuSkin products way back in 1993, and according to our records, you haven't ordered any since."

I just looked at him, mouth agape.

He told me that they were cleaning my house, in an effort to get me back as a customer. They had been hunting down their old customers, and hoping a deep house cleaning would convince them to order more products. I felt like I HAD to order something, since they had cleaned my WHOLE house for pete's sake, and one of the blonde clones sat down at the table with me and showed me their catalog of NuSkin products.

That's when the alarm went off. I just sat up in bed and was like, WTHeck?

Anyone care to decipher THAT one? Sheesh. I think I'm going nuts.

ANYWAY, the baby has become obsessed with eggs. He thinks they are THE BOMB. First it was bouncy balls, then clocks, and now, it's eggs. He just loves their shape. I have all these old wooden eggs that look real from my Easter decorations, and I let him play with them, and they're his favorite toy. He holds the eggs really tight in his chubby little hands and looks up at me with joy. "EGGS!" he says, with a big grin on his face. And his favorite book is "The Big Red Barn" because there's eggs in it. Yeah. We read that one about 20 times a day. And he has a baby heart attack when he sees me taking eggs out of the carton to make for breakfast, and he wants to hold them. Um, sorry sweetie.

I wonder what's next? Hopefully something less fragile. ;-)


Michelle Miles said...

That is the weirdest dream ever...

Aimee said...

What is it with all these weird dreams...today at school all the teachers were talking about how strange theirs have been lately. Maybe it's the moon?

Lara said...

...or it's Cheddar Cheese. You know, I have always had a theory about that...and I had some yesterday!

Colin said...

Suddenly, I'm in the mood for an omelet....

AGSoccerMom said...

I got nothin'. Dreams do mean something, maybe you need a maid or 10. I tell my hubster all the time I need a wife.

Lowa said...

Ok, I can do this this once for you for free.

Go get your postum(if you have any left) and settle in for a while...

Just kidding, but I do think that it means something about your being upset that you can't keep up with your housework. You and I are the same in many ways and we want our house just so and can never seem to keep up with it all. My kids are a tad older and they can do more to help than your's (Not that they DO, but they are SUPPOSED to, you know what I mean) and it just gets to be a lot at time.

The shampooing thing...same. You wish your kids would shower more often. LOL Just kidding. Man, dreams can be SO WEIRD. The most annoying thing to me is how stupid they can be but as it is "happening" it all makes sense.

The egg thing is darling! I miss that age:(