Thursday, October 16, 2008

At Least Gas Prices Are Going Down...


Why in the heck would my daughter's school basketball team be playing a school that is a TWENTY-FIVE minute drive away? That's an hour round trip. Add in one 16-month old who will NOT want to sit in a carseat for half an hour only to transfer to a stroller for another hour (and then back to the carseat for a grand total of two and a half hours being strapped in, ugh), and two boys whose idea of watching a basketball game is to run up and down the bleachers and "tell" on each other about their assorted misbehaving deeds.

Can't I just lock all the kids in the basement with a dish of food and water and leave them while I go to the game?

No, because times like these are CHARACTER building. As in, what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. Right? Yeah, I just keep telling myself that.

It is COLD this morning. It was in the 30's. I am starting to think Winter, and getting the house ready. Gotta clean the garage. Gotta move the grill and patio furnture INTO the garage. Gotta get the sprinkler system blown out. Gotta whack down the ornamental grasses and perrenial shrubs. Gotta dump the pots. Gotta paint the trim around Back Door #2 because for some reason, even though the house is only three years old, it's decided to chip off and expose the wood.

Oh, and I bought bags of tulip bulbs, gotta plant those before the ground freezes. AND pound in the driveway stakes for the snow plowers...

*SIGH* I don't want Winter to get here, just yet. But it will. It will sneak up on us soon! How depressing.


I need to sit down and let the Muse take over. I need to just sit in a quiet place, and plot. I will be able to starting next week. This week is craziness, the next two weeks will be all about NaNo prep.
I folded and bought an Archaeology coursebook. You know, the kind that basically should be titled "Archaeology for Dummies or Researching Writers" so that people like me can write stories about archaeologists and make them sound plausible. I should have bought it for the first book, but Google came to my rescue. This sequel is going to be a little more intensive on the technical terms. I need to keep it REAL, you know?

In a way, I'm living my dream vicariously through my characters. That's what I wanted to do when I was a kid. While all my other classmates, as early as second grade, were checking out school library books about trains and butterflies and spacemen, I was checking out the big books on Egyptology and reveling in my ability to shock kids by telling them how Egyptians removed the brain during the Mummification process. I was GOING TO BE AN EGYPTOLOGIST. Later I was GOING TO BE AN ARCHAEOLOGIST, like Indiana Jones.

Now I realize, I don't have the patience or brains for Archaeology, so I'm content to be an amateur historian, and let my characters live my dream. Living vicariously does do it for me, so I'm good.

I've made a big list of all the topics I need to research, and I'm knocking them out one by one, and what I can't find info on, I'll need to look for in a bookstore. Amazon usually has what I want. I've tried other bookstores, but for some reason, Amazon seems to triumph 90% of the time.

Well, the sun is out, and it's warming up! I'm going to get the car washed. It looks like a giant Dust Bunny. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Have, um, fun? at the basketball game?

I don't even want to think about all the winterizing stuff we need to do still. Hubs being in grad school is really throwing off our schedule these days...

Michelle Miles said...

Whew. You are one busy lady.

Next week is going to be craziness for me. BUT I'm thinking and plotting still on my NaNo project. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, visit Philadelphia's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology website. Look at the list of their professional staff, see which ones are best suited to your needs, and shoot them a few questions via email. I've spent a lot of time at that museum, and they're all very nice.

It's connected to UPENN, so they're used to teaching.