Monday, October 13, 2008

My life is a Zoo.

This is just the best representation of how my life is right now. Crazy, and INSANE.

Thing Four is walking now, and he's also decided he doesn't like afternoon naps. We're down to just one in the morning. We're still having soccer practices and games, add those to Basketball practices and games (every night of the week) and throw in some cub scouts, girl scouts, Student council meetings, after-school clubs and all the other running around I normally have to do, and I'm a mess.

And Hubby's back is out. He's in extreme pain, and couldn't do ANYTHING this weekend. So everything was on me. I finally snapped Sunday morning and told everyone I WASN'T their servant, and they could get their own food/clothes/ etc. etc.

I just couldn't take it any more. I yelled at them all in the car on the way to church. Yeah, I was feeling the Spirit...NOT.

So, today, I'm better, but I've already been to the store, the cleaners, the bank, and I just fertilized the lawn while the baby was napping. Thank heaven he still takes a morning nap. I am counting on those to get me through NaNo. He takes about a two hour nap, between 10 and 12. That will just be my SACRED WRITING TIME, the entire month of November. I won't plan anything during that time, and I won't let anything else get in my way.

We just had lunch and now I have to run to Sam's Club, because we're out of some things, and as soon as the kids come home from school we have to turn around and go back to school for Thing One's basketball game. At least the baby can be loud all he wants, and no one will care! Then we'll have to have a quick Family Night and dinner.

Heh heh, Hubby just called and asked me if I would help him with some of his work tonight, after the kids are in bed. (This is usually another "sacred" time for us.)

Bring it on.


em's scrapbag said...

Glad to hear my life is not the only crazy one out there. Our answering machine used to say. "You've reached the ____ circus I'm busy with the clowns. Leave a message" Good luck with it all.

Michelle Miles said...

Whew. You poor thing! No wonder I didn't hear from you all day yesterday (or today..heheh).

HEY! I figured out my NaNo project!! I'm chomping at the bit for you to read my synopsis. But, alas, I know you're busy so no sweat.

November here we come!

Anonymous said...

Mom is not spelled M-A-I-D. Too many mothers forget that, I think.

Take care.