Monday, October 06, 2008

I Did It.

I just finally did it. I was so sick of the "turtle slowness" and the waiting--last night I wiped my computer's hardrive and started over.

It's running soooooo quick now. I love it. I've alreayd re-installed everything, and all my files, and now I'm just fixing odds and ends. When I first got the computer, we had two users, me and Hubby. All the switching back and forth caused problems, so we tried to "morph" everything into one and delete one user. But then we had confusion, and it made the computer run slow. Now we have ONE user and everything is common, and I can't believe the difference. I should have reformatted the hard drive LONG ago.

Watched "Made of Honor" last night. Adorable movie! Patrick Dempsey was perfect, and his chemistry with the lead actress was wonderful. I laughed out loud at more than one part, and although it was a tad predictable, I still loved it. HIGHLY recommend to my fellow "chick flick" watchers.

The weather is gross today. It rained all day yesterday, and today is not looking so hot either. I need to mow the lawn! But I can't when its this wet. And it looks like rain the next two days, too. UGH. I don't like it when weather messes with my plans.

I am highly annoyed because THE research book I have been waiting for still hasn't come yet. I finally emailed the store and told them to research it's whereabouts--if they can't find it either they need to resend one or issue me a refund. It came from the U.K., but I've been waiting since September 12th. Certainly long enough to send a book. It's the one book I need to read before I can even start plotting my ancient-day storyline. But I did get a lot of other research done this weekend. I had to look up the archaeological excavation of mounds, and how it's done. FASCINATING stuff. Well, tedious and boring stuff, but the FINDS can be cool. :-)

It's Monday! I have to run around but I don't feel like it. Hubby is in L.A. soaking up the sun (as he runs from meeting to meeting, I know, but at least its sunny) so I'm on my own for a week. I'd better get going. I have to get some laundry done before something rises up out of the dirty sock pile and kills us all in our sleep...


Anonymous said...

I answered your tag.

yeah, get on their case about the book. There's something called air mail -- maybe they've never heard of it -- a book can get from the UK to the US in about 10 days.

Otherwise, pull the book through Canada -- or the World's Biggest Bookstore in Toronto can probably get it to you in 5 days or less. I usually pull UK books through Canada -- quicker and cheaper than from the UK.

Michelle Miles said...

Man says that a computer should be reloaded every few years anyway. I trust Man when it comes to computer anything because he knows what he's talking about. I'm going to have to give him my old computer to nurse back to health. It's in bad shape. He's also got my laptop right now to fix. hehe

I'm so glad to hear about Made of Honor! I can't wait to get it and watch it now. Patrick Dempsey is way better looking now than he was when he was younger.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the computer hummin' along.

Definitely get on them about that book. A month? Way too long. Unless they are using ancient methods of transport...