Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm So Crafty...

Well, not that crafty, but I sure love my super-sized Xyron sticker maker. Thing One's "High School Musical Movie/Birthday Party/Sleepover is tonight, and it has an overall HSM theme. I even personalized the take home goody bags, above. It was a snap. Bought some plain red bags at Target for a dollar each, printed out the HSM3 logo and stuck it on. Voila! And if I didn't have the Xyron, I'd use double sided tape. Works just as well.

I've made the cake, pristined the house, and bought soda and snacks for the sleepover part. We have the Ultra VIP seats for the movie tonight, so the girls will have fun.

Although *I* won't have so much fun. Naturally, being the mother, I will be the chaperone for all the girls. HOWEVER, I have an admission to make: I can't STAND HSM!! I couldn't make it through the first movie, I laughed through the second one (forced to watch it against my will) and I have a feeling this won't be any different. It's all sorts of corny, plastic, and that Efron kid wears too much makeup. I just can't like HSM, no matter what I do. Although you have to give them chops for their dancing.

So, am I the ONLY mom on earth who dislikes HSM??? Please tell me I'm not. This Disney Juggernaut was invented solely for the cash cow purpose of appealing to all those hormonal screaming tweens out there, I swear. My daughter eats it all up. She has a life-sized Zac Efron poster on her closet door. She has the soundtracks, and knows them all by heart.

Which is fine with me, but I'd rather not be subjected to it. Oh well. I'll try and have fun. The energy a group of 11-year olds puts out can be infectious!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I snapped a pic of the only two plants I have kept alive for more than a year in my whole life: My African Violet and my Aloe plant. (You can see I've snipped a few tips for sunburns.) I've kept the Aloe alive since 2006. Go me. I've had the African Violet since Mother's day, 2007. It's a miracle! (Well, that and repotting with MiracleGro!)

Check me out! I CAN keep things alive! (of course that's a fake plant next to the real ones. I LOVE greenery, just it has be be fake so it will stay alive!)


I took a break from plotting last night, because I had to get some cleaning done. I have a lot of ideas percolating (I love that word!) in my head, and as soon as they're ready to spill out, I'll grab my notebook and start outlining. I am trying to figure out a major chunk of plot, and I'd better do it soon, or this story will only be 20K words. I want to do something that hasn't been done a lot, or cliched. I want something fresh. That takes a lot of mulling. Hopefully inspiration will hit. November is coming up!

Have a happy weekend, all!


Michelle Miles said...

I refuse to watch HSM. Thank God I don't have a tween daughter. LOL

I had this GIGANTIC, and I do mean that, aloe vera plant I kept alive for about 10 years. I had it out back this past summer and the entire thing was consumed by ants. By that I mean, the dirt the plant was in was one giant ant bed. I put it in the trash. I was sad, too, because I'd had that thing forever. Someone gave it to me in a coffee tin to get me started. I replanted the babies and gave them away for years. *sniff* RIP Aloe.

Anonymous said...

Those bags look fabulous.

I'm not a mom, but I can't stand HSM either. Ick. I'm glad it keeps a lot of people working, but it's not my kind of entertainment.

Good for them, not for me.

Have fun tonight, even if it's making fun of the movie!

Lowa said...

Trust me, I LOATHE HSM. LOATHE. I have never even seen any of the movies and I don't see the point. My sons are praying their sister doesn't get sucked in. She almost chose that as the theme to her recent birthday party and I just clenched my jaw, kept my mouth shut. She chose Hannah Montana, which isn't much better but at least I can stomach her. She REALLY wanted Tree frogs, but we couldn't find any plates etc like that in time. I know they have them on-line. Wow, hang in there tonight. Your daughter is happy and you are such a great mother for dealing with this for HER. Ya know?? Yeah, Zac Efron creeps me out!

That is seriously amazing about the house plants. I kill all of mine too. I got some Mums in planters out by the front door and they are all dead. I was sure they didn't get too much sun and I moved them into the rain when it rained. Maybe they got too much rain?? I always kill my african violets! What did you do?? My flowers die within weeks and even though I keep the things in sun as much as I can and hardly water them...the leaves curl and turn brown:( So I snip those off and they still look horrible. I know it will take a while for the flowers to come back...still...

Hope you survive at the theatre. I took my daughter to that Beverly Hills dog movie and it wasn't as bad as I feared.

Colin said...

High School Musical. Words can't express...

Nice plants!

Jennifer said...

Your plants look beautiful! I can't stand High School Musical either. My girls get a lot of exposure to it (as the movies are filmed about a mile away at East High School [Leopards, not Wildcats]. I've managed to keep them from actually seeing the movies. Fiona is almost 10, though. How long will it last? They brought home an invitation from school to attend the HSM3 Kickoff Carnival at East on Monday night. Want to fly Thing One out?

Aimee said...

Everybody sing now..."We're all in this together"--

I think I'm surprised all your loyal blog buddies hate HSM. I will stand up for those who liked the first one. Maybe it was because I watched the premiere from a Disneyworld Hotel and was in the spirit? Maybe I identify with the message of doing what you love and not blending in with the "status quo?" I'm sorry, but you have to admit the message of the movie is all right for kids to hear.

I didn't like HSM2 (too flashy and it lost its simple charm) and I won't see HSM3 until it is on DVD. But yes, I will see HSM3 because I have two tweens in the house. And yes, I admit it. Zac Efron has nice blue eyes. There. I said it out loud.

Good luck with the birthday party. I'm collapsing with exhaustion since we just wrapped up Whitney's two hours ago. Phew! But wait until you see photos of the cake I made. I'm still patting myself on the back over that one!