Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dental Floss and Basketball.

I don't have to be anywhere until 8:30, so I have some time this morning. WHEW.

I had the kids empty the garbage cans yesterday, and I noticed that almost the entire package of dental flossers was in the garbage. I bought the boys a new bag last week, because they said they were "out of them." I got SO mad. I accused Thing Three of dumping the new bag of flossers in the trash, and he, very sincerly, shook his head and said "we used those, Mom, honest."

I scratched my head. How could they have used all those flossers so quickly? Then it dawned on me.

They were using ONE flosser per tooth.

I would have started yelling if it wasn't so dang funny. I had to patiently explain to the boys that they used one flosser per flossing, not per tooth. We recently switched from string floss to the flossers, because I thought it would be easier for the boys. I guess I should have been more specific about the USE of said flossers. Now I have to buy another bag, but I foresee it lasting quite a bit longer than the last one. :-)

Thing One had her first basketball game yesterday. It was quite humorous. None of the girls had played basketball before, and Thing One was the starting center, and she didn't know what was going on. She didn't even know how to tip off. When she got fouled, I was sitting close enough to hear her whisper to the ref "What's a free throw?" Certainly she knows what it IS, just not what the technical term is. I suspect the coaches will be giving the girls a crash course on Basketball Terminology, since they spent most of the game looking like Deer In Headlights. Poor girls.

But I was very impressed with Thing One's hustle. There was a girl on the other team (isn't there always?) who stood a good foot taller than everyone, and she got the ball and ran it down to the hoop and shot it every time. She wasn't a team player. She ran it down all by herself and shot the hoop, and most of the time, she made it. She scored about 26 of their 34 points all by herself. Her coach needs to tell her a little bit about teamwork. Her other teammates mostly watched as she broke away time after time and ran the ball down and shot all by herself. It got old, REALLY fast.

But what can you do?

Anyway, Thing One has a soccer game tonight at 5, and she has to miss basketball practice for it. This crossover of sports is for the birds. It's making her very tired, and ME, too. Luckily gas is $2.99 here, or I'd be complaining a lot more.

Oh, and the baby was AWFUL during the basketball game. Now that he's walking, he won't sit in his stroller or sit on my lap. He wasnts to be FREE. And since we're courtside, that doesn't exactly work. So he whined and cried for most of the second half (after he ran out of Fishy snacks) and at one point I wanted to give him away to anyone who would take him.



Michelle Miles said...

Put a leash on him? ;)

Seriously, I don't know. It's hard when they get that age and all they want to do it RUN. And then you're running until they turn 4 and they get they need to hold your hand everything.

Lowa said...

When Jock played basketball about 6 years ago, there was a kid on his team who didn't know about team work. It was most frustrating. He did the same thing as the girl you are describing. The problem was, he was the coach's kid and the coach didn't do anything about it.

It wasn't until near the end of the season, that he started figuring out to pass the ball. Once he actually passed to Jock and saw that Jock was actually just as good as he was...a bit more passing went on. Jock refused to play basketball after that:( I was so sad, since that is my fave sport! I am hoping Princess will try it.

I remember my younger two were about Thing Four's age then and I know what you mean. Very hard to deal with them sitting courtside and wanting to run all over the court! LOL

I have never understood how people do the cross-over thing with the sports. My kids end up playing one sport at a time because I can't afford to pay for a sport and then not have them show up, because they are at another one. One of the goalies on Jock's hockey team misses a lot of his soccer games and practises because it conflicts with the hockey schedule...I don't get that. Is this soccer/basketball deal with Thing One just for a short time as soccer season winds down or something?? I am wondering how I can make this work sometime when Princess wants to do two at once, because she DOES! Any tips on making it happen without stressing myself and missing a lot of one sport??

Lara said...

It's just a crossover of about a month. We just have her miss one soccer practice a week, and one basketball practice. We would NEVER have her be in two sports that run directly at the same time. That would be too much. There's always a little overlap, but when it ends, everything is fine. I just like to complain. ;-)

Satria Sudeki said...

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Lowa said...

Ah, ok. So that sounds do-able. Is that a word?? LOL

Cause Princess wanted to do soccer and basketball and I hesitated for that reason. This kid on Jock's hockey team misses so much soccer because of hockey and I didn't get it. I am not sure what the point is in him even doing the soccer since he is seldom there. His parents are both doctors and they have hired a person to run he and his sister to all their activities, since they work so much.

Anyway, I need to look into basketball for Princess. She took this year off hockey because it is such a commitment and if she did it she could do not all her dance classes, drama lessons, violin, art class, swimming, gymnastics and horseback. Before you think I am nuts, she doesn't do those all at once:) LOL All those take up the entire year and some are only one eight week session, so she is usually only doing 2-3 things at a time:) Just needed to clarify. Sounds like our daughters are our busy ones?? My boys don't do as much and only one plays sports.

Anyway, thanks for the input. Keep on complaining. It's what gets us through, right?? LOL