Thursday, October 02, 2008

I Need to Avoid Target Like The Plague.

Egads, yesterday was crazy. I hardly had time to breathe. I ran around, and then had back-to-back soccer scrimmages at the Indoor Center starting RIGHT after school, and Team Picture night, and didn't get home until 9:30. The poor baby was beyond tired. Lucky for me, he's an angel.

The day started out okay--just had to do about twelve loads of laundry. So I got started, and then I got The Bug. Or rather, the Target Bug. I realized I hadn't been to Target in AGES, and they usually have a lot of fun seasonal stuff. Naturally, I was just going to look, mind you. I only had in mind to buy the Ironman DVD. And I had to buy a basketball for Thing One, who has started practices.

As soon as the baby woke up from his nap and we had lunch, we went. It was like...a candy store. I had to walk up and down every aisle. Suddenly, things I wouldn't need in a million years I HAD TO HAVE, THEY WERE SO CUTE/ADORABLE/COOL/NIFTY/EDUCATIONAL/WHATEVER RATIONALIZATION I CHOSE AT THE MOMENT.


Then, $120 later at checkout, it hit me: when have I EVER shopped at Target and not spent over $100?

Looking over my purchases, they really were things that were important: six white long-sleeved boys shirts (my boys wear them under their short-sleeved shirts and VOILA, they can wear them in winter too) socks and shoes and jeans (and a really cute winter hat and mitten set) for the baby, two really cool nail polish colors, a basketball, my Ironman DVD. (Okay, so the DVD was frivolous, but I consider any purchase with Robert Downey Jr. in it a necessity)

I didn't buy one Fall decoration, or any costumes. Or candy. Or kitchen stuff/dishes, or books. I was actually pretty good. Yet, I still spent way over what I'd planned.

I just need to stay away from Target from now on. Period. Times are different than they were...say...LAST YEAR. Last year (and every year before that) I went to Target weekly and spent some serious $$$. Now, with gas and groceries as expensive as they are, not to mention feeding and clothing and paying for sports/activities/etc.etc.etc. for four children...well...I'm on a budget. I've cut waayyyy down on my spending.

It's a first. But it's necessary. These are precarious times. You really can't take anything for granted any more. I clean my own house. My personal trainer is gonzo. (I've found that with her structured workouts, I can manage just fine on my own, surprise surprise.)

Yeah, I'm not being funny today. But yesterday reiterated to me, how careful I need to be. How careful we ALL need to be.


Unknown said...

Target is like a nightclub. They have a cover charge to get in, they just don't tell you. Or maybe it's a cover charge to get out...

Anonymous said...

And you've got steady money coming in. Freelancers have to be even more careful. Honestly, I'm glad the nearest Target is all the way in White Plains -- only about a ten minute drive, but it's not like I'm going to pass it on my way to the grocery store or anything and get tempted.

That's Michael's, which is across the street from Stop & Shop. Next to DSW. You see my dilemma? :)

Lowa said...

My day was opposite of your's:) I turned 39, so I just lazed about while the hubby and kids spoiled me:) I DID have to leave at 5 to take Jock to hockey practise since hubby is working three jobs and had a deadline for one of them. But I got to hold a 2 week old baby at hockey, so I was glad I uterus HURT.

I was "good" at Target the other day and "only" spent $374! ACK! Got Iron Man, Barbie and the Diamond Castle or some such and then needed Anastasia. We used to have it on VHS and I sold it at a yard sale years ago. So right there is $55 for THREE MOVIES! ACK! Then like you, shoes, socks, etc. I also get a lot of cereals and canned goods there.

I am seriously thinking of getting a job there. A few of my kids want me to get a job because they have heard of mothers working and they think it would be cool to have a mother who works outside the home. Not to mention hubby could use some help trying to make ends meet.

Anonymous said...

The IRON MAN DVD was frivolous? HERESY!