Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Two Fronts.

I've decided since I will be participating in NaNo next month, I'll have to "section" my blog. I will have one part for my daily blog ("On the Suburban Front") and a section for NaNo. ("On the Writing Front"). That way, those who don't care to hear about my writing or word counts, but prefer to read my whining and complaining about everyday things, can just skip over the part they don't want to read.

I'm so efficient, aren't I? *wink*

So, here we go:


I never want to eat at McDonald's again. Yes, I was a bad mother, because Thing One had a soccer game across town at 5:30, and by the time she was finished it was 7pm and we were starving and I didn't want to waste another half hour banging something together once we got home, so I folded and took the brood to McDonald's.


Hubby and I both woke up at 3:30 this morning, in desperate need of antacid. We vowed never to eat such toxic food again. At least for another month or so...

I swear, I don't want to know what they put in their food. I might as well take a big scoop of lard and put it between two slices of bread. Lesson learned. My kids are more excited about the Happy Meal toys, than the actual food, anyway. (Brilliant marketing on McDonald's part.)

I cleaned the basement yesterday. It's amazing how long it takes to clean, when you DEEP clean. And that I did. I scoured, vacuumed, wiped down, dusted, vacuumed again, and it looks so nice down there. I found enough empty granola bar/fruit snack wrappers to choke a goat, and had a lengthy discussion with the kids about how we DON'T eat food in the basement, unless we sit at the bar and throw it away when we're finished. Yeah. That will last about a week.

Have you ever noticed that when you get on your kids about something, they are reeeeeally good for about a week, and then they start to revert to their old ways? What is up with that?
I guess the fact that they're KIDS is the main reason. They need to be kicked in the rear ends by their mothers. Otherwise we'd be obsolete.


I'm counting the days until Saturday. Then soccer season ends, and the craziness will officially be over. I can really get my teeth into the plotting aspect of my story. I've been researching every day, and I'm intimidated by the amount of research I need to still do. But I'm getting there. Can't write the plot until I have the facts. I'm currently researching the war patterns of a people we know very little about. So much is supposition. Since my topics aren't very "mainstream" I have to order books that are specialized. But even the one book I was really needing, is very thin.
I guess that's where my "poetic license" comes in--I get to fill in the blanks with fiction! But I need to be dignified about it, because this is very heavy subject material. LDS fiction can be that way. But I'm enjoying the journey. Building the scaffolding!

Time to run my errands before it rains! Happy Wednesday!


Lowa said...

Your writing front news if very exciting! Sounds like quite the challenge!

Your suburban front sounds like my life. Can't imagine why?? LOL I just spent THREE DAYS doing what you did to the basement, in Princess' bedroom. Five HUGE bags of garbage (she keeps every scrap of paper she has ever touched and has empty candy wrappers in her desk and nightstand drawers?? Dirty tights and socks shoved under her dresser!?!?) and two huge boxes of toys/clothes to be donated/sold looks incredible. Her birthday party is this Saturday and I know she will be showered with more goodies, so we needed to clear some stuff out!

My kids don't even go a week. We let them have snacks in the Rec Room and tell them OVER AND OVER again to clean up. There are plenty of garbages down there. About 3 times a year I snap and SCREAM like a nut case and lecture for about 10 minutes and they are shaking and almost crying. Mustn't be that scary because it lasts about two days that they keep things clean! ARG! I know they are kids and all but COME ON! SERIOUSLY! So then we make it so they are not allowed to eat down there for a certain amount of time. Right when they can again, it starts back up. Truly baffles me!

Funny how when I read your woes, I remember mine?? LOL Of course we love though, right?? Wouldn't trade any of it:)

Anonymous said...

My kids often comment on how McDonald's food smells like feet, but they still want it anyway.


Lara said...

Is it me, or do the french fries TASTE like feet?


Anonymous said...

The last time I ate fast food was in March of 2007, at McDonald's, and I was unbelievably sick for over a week -- couldn't keep anything down.

Haven't been able to walk past one since without shuddering.

Elsa is disappointed, because she liked the French Fries.

I empathize with your discomfort.