Monday, October 08, 2007

Yes, I'm Alive...

...but barely so. I've had the nastiest head cold, and it's been a week. Now I just have the "leftover crud" you get AFTER you've been sick. Fun fun fun. Thing Four is still sniffly, and he had a high fever scare which resulted in a trip to the doctor, but all is well now, and we're on the mend.
Had Grandpa and Grandma (in laws) for a visit until yesterday, and it was actually a nice visit. I used to dread their visits, because my house could never get clean enough, and I didn't feel super confident around them, for some odd reason. (They are pretty dynamic go-getter people in a lot of ways, and it was intimidating.) But not so much now.
I guess since I'm older, with more kids, and I know them better, I have a more level head about their visits. If my house isn't spotless, then Life goes on. As long as they have a clean guest room and clean towels, it's good. And being married to a Major Go Getter has made me more like that myself, so I'm not so worn out when we go here and there and everywhere during their visit.

I LIKE getting out of the house and I've been so lonely lately with just a non-talking baby at home, it was nice to have some people to talk to...and catch up on all the family gossip, which luckily we have in abundance. This family has DRAMA. Better than any soap opera storyline I could invent! :-)
Grandma ended up sewing the Tunic part for Thing Two's Link costume, and it turned out quite fabulous.And watching her do it (it took her about two hours and she was flying, she is a very good seamstress) I realized there was no way in hell I could have sewed it like that. Unless I took a class. I am a visual learner and learning from a book was fine for quilting, but sewing is a different monster.
So I made the hat and the boots, and I attempted to make Link's Rupee bag, but I failed miserably because the pleather wasn't cooperating. The hat I'm extremely proud of. MIL used most of the fabric for the tunic, and there were only scraps left, so I used my quilter's experience and Frankensteined all the leftover pieces together with the sewing machine to make one big useable piece of fabric, and it actually gave the finished hat a really cool appearance: GO LARA! (*Lara pats herself on the back*) Luckily it's a simple cone-shaped hat. I just measured his head and cut out the pattern by hand.
So he's going nutsos that his costume is nearly finished--I just need to put the buckles on the boots and make a sword holder (sheath) and I'm DONE.

Lots to do today--the house is a disaster since we were all hanging out in it yesterday eating wayyyy too much and listening to Conference--so I have to clean it and run to the cleaners and the store and THEN tonight we have Soccer Team Picture night at the indoor soccer complex--from about 4:30 to 8:30. All three Things have team and individual Pictures and then three games. Poor Thing Four. He's still not feeling the best. And Hubby is in L.A.

Back to normal I guess!


Michelle Miles said...

See I can't sew either. You did a smashing job on the hat!! :)

Anonymous said...

The costume looks GREAT. Fabulous work, Lara, both you and your inlaw!

Anonymous said...


Buy a walking foot for your sewing machine. It helps in quilting and also with those hard to sew things like pleather! It is a great tool!!


Anonymous said...

I Live in L.A. Hubby should stop by and meet Uncle Rob.