Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fog, Rain, Kill Me Now...

Status: Feeling much better today, except for the fact I want to rip my throat out and scratch the hell out of it and put it back in...I guess that means it's healing...

My friend Michelle Miles has an e-book coming out today! It's Book Two of Sky and Dane's adventure! You can order it by clicking HERE.It's a fun, adventure-filled sexy romp, so get it now!

On to the rain and fog. That means we can't MOW THE LAWN. Which means when we finally get to mow the lawn, it will be 26 large bags of grass again. ARGH!! I can't win.

I am having a rough time with Thing Two, our ADD child. He is so carefree, it's got to be illegal. Seriously, this child would forget to dress himself in the morning and go to school in his jammies if I didn't tell him to change. He would never brush his teeth, or bathe, or do ANYTHING if I didn't remind him.

I have a sign in his bathroom, above the toilet that says "LIFT UP THE SEAT WHEN YOU PEE! FLUSH THE TOILET! TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! TURN OFF THE WATER!" Little good it does. I have gone up to the bathroom many times and had the toilet unflushed, the water running and the lights on. He can't remember to put his clothes away. His shoes would be all over the house, if I didn't make him pick them up. If I didn't make him do homework he'd forget. I can NEVER give him two or three-point directions, because he can't remember the other two things. I never ask him to go downstairs and turn the TV off because he'll start watching it and forget I asked him to turn it off in the first place and that his dinner is getting cold. He forgets to eat, if I don't make it for him, and tell him to eat it.

My other two kids are highly conscientious, for the most part. His younger brother and older sister generally are mindful of their surroundings, and don't forget important things. But not Thing Two. He's a mess, and it's taking it's toll on me, frustrationwise. He just wants to play and not have any responsibilities. And frankly, I'm tired of telling him what to do every minute of the day. He has chores, and knows what's expected of him, but if I don't REMIND him he has chores, he'd forget to do them.

Just typing about all his forgetfulness is making me tired. What do I do? Keep on him???


Anonymous said...

Maybe there need to be consequences when he "forgets". Lost privileges, things like that. Right now, it's just words. He can get away with not doing things, because he knows you'll always keep telling him until he gets around to it. That's a tough one. Have you talked to a behavioral specialist?

Anonymous said...

Don,t feel too bad. It's in the genes. we have had this trouble for years. You are a teriffic mom. keep doing your best. you are a terrific mother.
Uncle Rob.

Lowa said...

Wow, you only have ONE like this?? ALL my kids are this way! Sheesh, you shouldn't feel bad at all. Honestly all four of my kids do the same. Forget to eat, don't do ANYTHING without specific instructions. We remind countless times a day. Nothing works.

We take priveleges away, add chores, take anything they leave laying around and keep it from them for them to earn back, make them pay from their allowance to pay for the power since they leave the fridge open, pay for milk they leave out for hours so it spoils, etc etc. I honestly think a lot of it is just part of being kids and your other two are amazingly mature or something!

When it bothers you, remind yourself that I have four of them and you only have one:) Actually I have five, since my husband is the same. Maybe that is where they get it?? I gave up on him years ago and just try and accept it. Maybe that is why it is easier now with the kids being the same way?? I was used to it. I dunno!

Michelle Miles said...

Thanks for the plug! :)

As for Thing Two. Hm. Not sure what to tell you. Would have a discussion with him help?

Hope that baby is feeling better.