Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Status: Grumpy. Lack of sleep does not wear well on me...

OK. Watched my dvr'd CSI Miami last night. Was rolling my eyes an awful lot, and frankly, I think the writers are beginning to insult their viewers' intelligence. It was the WORST show I've seen in a while. CSI Miami is fast becoming a big dud, in my opinion.
A show that is fast becoming my favorite is "NCIS." The writing is witty, clever and funny as hell. The characters are all well-defined and fun to watch. Lots of clever banter. My favorite line of all time? (From Zeva, who still is getting a grasp on English language-isms):

"You look like you've seen a goat."

Of course she meant ghost, and I think I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that one. And the energy between the actors is very fun. It's a great show.

Thing One's Tenth birthday is next week. So we are inviting her closest friends to a sleepover/birthday party. The only hitch is, she couldn't decide about the NUMBER of invitees. If I'd left it to Thing One, we'd probably have about 20 girls invited. There's her BEST friends, a group of girls she has all her playdates with, and they happen to also be on her soccer team, then there are her "school class" friends, who are in her immediate classroom, and then there are her "great friends" from her third grade class last year. Then there are her Girl Scout Troop friends. Then Church friends.

I drew the line at 8 girls. Do you know how LOUD 8 ten-year olds can be when they get together? Thing One is freaking out, though, because there is one "new friend" who apparently controls who is "liked and not liked" in her class and since Thing One is currently in "liked" status, she would like to please this Queen Bee and invite her, just to STAY on the "liked" list.

UGH. I folded and let her invite one more girl yesterday, I think one more beyond that would just be overkill. I made her a deal. If anyone RSVP's and says they CAN'T come, then we'll invite Queen Bee Of The Classroom. Until then, she stays uninvited. I do need to retain some sanity during the party!

And apparently everything is hush hush/covert because my daughter is like Kevin Bacon. She knows EVERYONE somehow and lots of girls would get their feelings hurt if they haven't been invited and they HEAR about the party. According to her.

I am beginning to hate the whole party idea. Unfortunately it's too late now. Save me!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm so glad I have a boy. haha

Anonymous said...

I've banned parties at my house. As a mother of two tween girls, I find my sanity much more intact with this simple rule.

Also, I learned the hard way to never, never, never and NEVER mix school friends, sport friends, church friends, etc. Always have an EVEN number of girls and I'd do everything in my power to discourage the "new controlling friend". Thing 1 may not realize it now, but this girl is incapable of having friends.

Good luck with it!

Lara said...

Heh heh, I'm SO glad I have only ONE girl!!! Give me boys anytime!!

Lynn Sinclair said...

Nine girls sleeping over? I think you're very brave.

Anonymous said...

I had a slumber party for my daugher once, ten girls and we swore NEVER to have one again. You are very very brave. They did all sorts of things like prank calls and they even left the house at midnight and went running around the neighborhood as we slept unawares in our beds.
My daughter ended up getting grounded after her party!