Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Widgets and Podcasts and Bears, Oh My!

I am so confused by all the technology out there today. Seriously. It's daunting, at best. And yes, I am aware that I am starting to sound like an old Lady. But I'm NOT! Things are just coming out so fast--too fast for me to catch up! Am I turning into a Luddite? I'm even resistant to buying Windows Vista! (But I think it's the common sense thing to NOT buy new Windows Versions from Microsoft until they've been out at least a year and all the KINKS are ironed out...)

*News Flash* I think Hubby and I have FINALLY decided on a baby name. We both like it (a lot) and it's COOL. So, we're set. We have one or two backups, but I think we're set. April 30th can't come fast enough!!!

Poor Hubby, he's getting sick. And he will probably be working 7am-9pm all week. I have lots and lots to say about that, but I won't. Let me just say that I'm NOT happy about all those hours. He needs some DOWN time.

Well, we've decided to do it. We're going to Europe late next summer! (2008) We want to fly in to London, stay there a day or two, then spend the next few weeks in Italy and France, and Greece. We were thinking of Spain, but the pull of Greece was too strong. We are going with another couple, whom we've known for years. Can I just say it's VERY exciting? Although I will admit a bit overwhelming to plan, because this will be our first trip to Europe, EVER. I am about as "green" as they get. But I am going to take some Italian language courses, so I can "get by."

At least I have some High School French under my belt. So I'll brush up on that too!
I am sure somewhere out there Madame Caulliez is on the floor, clutching at her sides and laughing her ass off at this notion. (Let's just say...I did more flirting with the Cad of the High School in French class than I paid attention! ;-)

Okay, fun time is over, time to get the kids into their snowsuits. But I will say, it was a miraculous FORTY FIVE degrees yesterday. We can see parts of our lawn again! WOO!

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Michelle Miles said...

OoO I am so jealous of your trip :) It sounds awesome! Take LOTS of pictures and LOTS of notes and maybe you can write part of it off as a writer's trip. hehe

Glad to hear you've finally decided on a name!