Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It Has Begun...

*Cue Music from JAWS*

But seriously, I am laughing over this one. And slightly nervous. I figured it would start sometime, but I never thought NOW.

Thing Three, who is six, has always had a "girl/friend" in each of his classes. In Preschool, it was Jackie (I have it immortalized in their class picture, where she is holding his hand). In Denver Preschool, it was Abby. And I will never forget the time I volunteered in his class and watched in amusement when during "recess" he was "the dad" and there were five girls in a gaggle behind them, all playing the "mommy" with their baby dollies and following behind him and vying for his attention.
I should have been nervous then, but I thought it was cute.
Now, in Kindergarten, apparently it has started up yet again.

So, the other night we're puttering around, and the phone rings. I answer it, and a little voice says "Is this (Thing Three's) mom?"
I said "Yes it is."
"Can I talk to him?"
I hand the phone over to Thing Three, who says "hello" and listens for a minute. Then his face lights up and he says "Oh, HI, Mari!"

My ears perk up at this point because it's not a BOY who has called him.

Then he listens to her talk for a minute and grins. Then he says "Nothing, I'm watching my brother play Quidditch upstairs" Then he listens for a minute more, and then asks her what SHE'S doing. And the whole time he has this goofy grin on his face.
I quickly realize that this girl, whoever she is, has called him up for no apparent reason, other than to "chat."

I remember the first time I got the guts up to call a guy and just "talk" to him. It was in eighth grade, and I was considerably older than six.
After a few minutes he said goodbye, and I asked him who the girl was. "Oh, she's in my class at school."

So, does this mean that my little Casanova is starting early? I guess so. He's always been my "charismatic" kid. With his golden blond hair and big blue eyes, he just exudes charm. Not at normal levels for a little kid, in my opinion. In fact, he is an exact clone of his father (who had quite a few girls admiring him in college if I remember correctly!)

ANYWAY, should I be worried? He's told me that this girl wants a "play date" with him and I am wary of him having play dates with girls where I have to drive him. I'd rather he played with boys, frankly. She gave him a special valentine yesterday (he came home with it and showed it to me proudly) and said she wants to invite him to the movies.

I am thinking NOTHING of it until her mother calls me.

Why can't he be like his older brother? I've seen girls look at HIM too, but his head is NOT thinking about girls. He's thinking about Legos and Super Mario Brothers and his friends and sports --and girls are just "mildly interesting things" at school.


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Michelle Miles said...

I wouldn't worry so much. I'm sure it's just an innocent little flirtation. By all means, though, wait until the mom calls. hehe

One morning last week, when I took my baby boy to school, I was hugging him and kissing him bye outside the gym. A little blond girl walked by and told him hi and he completely ignored her. I guess I don't have that problem. LOL!