Monday, February 05, 2007


Status: DEAD. I woke up no less than FIVE times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That's what I get for having a rootbeer float last night. *grumble*

They cancelled school today. Not a big surprise, really, since it's -13 right now and windchill is MINUS 36. They said kids waiting at the bus-stop could get frosbite within ten minutes. In fact, in a MAJORALLY creepy demonstration just now, our local news station dipped a t-shirt on a hanger in water, and within TWO minutes, it was frozen stiff as a board. Nice.

So, the kids and I will be kicking back at home today, with all the fireplaces going and lots of hot cocoa. Actually, our house is pretty warm. They build houses to withstand the cold around here, for obvious reasons. In fact, I was just standing in my sun room (which is all windows) and seriously, I felt no draft. That's how well-built this house is. Gotta love it.

Hubby had a funny dream yesterday. We watched Arthur and the Invisibles Saturday, and Saturday night Hubby fell asleep in front of "Phantom of the Opera" on TV, and apparently he dreamed a VERY strange dream where it was "Phantom" only the characters were played by Mini-Moys. He said it was slightly creepy. I had to laugh. Funny how what we are subjected to can affect our dreams.

I just hope Hubby doesn't freeze on his way to work today. He said he'll be very careful.

I just callled out at work: I feel bad calling out of work, we have a huge walk tomorrow, but that's one of the benefits of being a total peeon. If I call out, it's no big loss. Although I still HATE to do it! I only had a four hour shift. But I still feel bad. ARGH!!!!

Well, the kids are up, and I think it's time for some FRENCH TOAST!

Bundle up, folks, if you're in a cold place!


Lowa said...

I feel for you with the getting up to pee and not being able to sleep well. Still happens to me and I have not been pregnant for six years!!!

Wow, that is certainly cold alright. Much colder than it gets here, but not nearly as cold as where I grew up. We often had warnings that our skin would freeze within a minute, sometimes thirty seconds. I am no stranger to frostbite! We were bundled up with nothing showing but our eyes. They never cancelled school over it, that I recall. We would have missed a few months out of every year if they had!!!

It got so cold that sometimes we would find parts of our pets laying around the yard. One day we came home from school to find a kitten playing with her own paw:( Batting it around the yard like a toy:( Ears froze off, etc. I am sure you get the picture. Why they didn't stay in the barn where it was warmer is still beyond me!

I know you will have a lovely day at home with your kids. That dream your hubby had is funny! LOL I took our younger two to see the Arthur movie a few weekends back with a few of their friends. CUTE! I was impressed, except by Princess whatever (the Madonna does the voice for) having a body like that. That irked me a little. Can't anyone have a little fat on them anymore???

Lara said...

...Not in Hollyweird!!


Michelle Miles said...

I'm glad you stayed in. It's just too cold up there! Of course, it was nearly 65 today... no wonder everyone is sick!