Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Crazy Bus Stop Mom...

Okay, just as a disclaimer: I don't normally call anyone "crazy," unless it's warranted.

In this case, it's warranted.

Case in point: When school started up in September, I met a bunch of moms and dads at the bus stop (it's pretty close, only one house over from mine). As the month dwindled and the weather got chillier, we would all arrive at the bus stop in the mornings with sweatshirts on, and finally, coats.

Except one mom (who shall remain nameless) who NEVER wore anything other than a shirt, to the bus stop, no matter how cold it got. We would always ask her "Aren't you cold?" to which she would reply: "No, I'm a pretty "warm" person, so I'm fine."

When it started snowing, did that deter her from walking her kids out sans a coat? Nope. Of course her kids were bundled up so that basically only their eyes could be seen, but she always had on a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, nothing else. And SOMETIMES she'd have her sleeves pushed up.

I was beginning to think she was a little nutso.

Cut to the last few days. It has been in the double minus digits with cold and windchill has been OUT OF CONTROL COLD, and lo and behold, this morning, we were all sitting inside our cars with our children at the bus stop, and she comes strutting out like normal, without a coat, just a shirt and jeans, to walk her kid to the bus stop.

I don't care how much of a "warm" person you are, you would have to have an internal temperature of 1000 degrees Kelvin to survive in cold like that without a coat for a whole ten minutes! This is WISCONSIN, people!

Or you'd have to be Starkers. I'm voting for the latter for her.

Granted, she's a very nice lady and our boys have had play dates and everything. But when I looked at my car readout panel this morning and it was MINUS 3, and she was out there without her coat, I began to wonder what she was trying to prove. I get it, you're tougher than all of us. Now go and put a freaking coat on!


I have work again today. For all of you "worriers" I appreciate the concern, but please don't worry, I know my limits. I'm just a complainer. :-)
When the time comes to be "done" until the baby arrives, I'll let them know. I just also know I would go crazy at home by myself all day long. It's a double-edged sword, really. I hate working because I'm a wuss who doesn't like to stand on her feet when pregnant, but I go even wonkier when I stay home by myself without any human contact. So it's Sixes, as far as I'm concerned.

Time to shower! I wish I could give my poor car a shower...


Unknown said...

I swear I'm a reptile. It gets below 70 and I'm all bundled up!!

She must be an ice queen.

Lowa said...

I see kids doing that and think how dumb it is, but never adults. At least she bundles her kids, eh?? I can't stand when I see adults with coats etc on and their small kids have nothing but a long sleeved shirt, if that. Older kids, I can understand. My own 11 year old insists on not wearing a coat and I pick my battles. But a toddler?? No reason for that. For some reason, that just irks me when I see stuff like that. So I am glad to hear she has her kids dressed appropriately.

But wow, you are right, that is freaky!

Hey, wasn't the plan for when Thing Three started school, to get caught up on your writing?? I thought you wanted to do that. Could you do that instead of work??