Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quiet Snow Day.

We usually run around so much on weekends (even on Sundays, with church and meetings) I never have time to do much, let alone blog. But we got our lovely snow last night (not as much as we thought, THANK GOODNESS) and church today was cancelled, so here I am, blogging on a Sunday.

Hubby is in the office, doing computer stuff, and the kids are basically entertaining themselves. I just got dressed (I know, scandalous!) and I'm tidying up here and there. It's actually kind of boring to be snowed in. I should probably get out some games and get playing with the kids. What else is there to do?

Although I will say the neighbors across the street started shoveling their driveway at 8am, and their kids JUST finished. Three hours later. Wow. We have a service coming. I actually like to shovel (Hubby does too) but now that we have a driveway the size of a country road, it's no fun anymore. (It's really not that big, but we are set halfway back on an acre and it is fairly long.) So, NO FUN. It's still wayy to windy for my taste though. All the snow is blowing around.

I hope everyone is having a good day. I think we're going to have BLT's for lunch. Yum!

*Update*: It's snowing again, and it's really DUMPING. I'm glad they haven't done the driveway yet!

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