Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The News Sucks.

Thing One woke up this morning with a fever and tonsils the size of Polska Kielbalsa sausages. Niiiiice.
So, we've had to cancel her playdate and I'm keeping her home. She's taking it pretty well, even the fact that I'm "quarantining her" to her room for the remainder of the day. This Mama does NOT need to get sick right now. I have 8 weeks left. I'd like them to be healthy so I can get ready for baby.

Is that selfish? I'm thinking no.

I'm thinking SELFISH is the Mom in the news who is overfeeding her 200+ pound eight year old son, Connor. This woman is awful. She was quoted as saying "Well, what am I supposed to do? Not feed him? Have him be a skinny runt?"

Um, NO, Lady, you could FEED HIM IN MODERATION so he's not roughly the size of a baby hippo at the tender age of FREAKING EIGHT.

People like that piss me off, seriously. I am glad there is some intervention for poor Connor. I hope he gets help.

I have decided that the news isn't fun right now. We've got craptastic stuff like that story, AND Britney Spears and Anna Nicole Smith (aka the Soap Opera That Never Ends) and we've got Iraq and the Stock Market and all sorts of yuckiness. I can't watch the news with Hubby anymore. Yet, I like to be caught up on World Events, so it's a double-edged sword. Personally, I'd rather eat my boogers than hear about half the stuff that's going on. Sorry, but it's true.

Time to get the kiddos on the bus. Sorry I'm a downer, today. It hasn't started off, very well.

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Michelle Miles said...

Yeah I think you need to stay away from the sickie. You definitely need to be healthy for baby! :)

I can't watch the news either. It ticks me off. It was on last night while I cooked dinner but I was more interested and cooking dinner and talking to my kiddo than watching the news...hahah