Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Too Cold To Wash...

...the cars, that is. My poor Expedition looks like it just lost a battle with a Christmas Tree Flocking Machine. But I can't wash it because it's still only about 2 degrees out. The washes are closed down where I am anyway.
Hubby has a black sedan, and BOY is he griping about it. But at the same time, even if we DID wash the cars, they'd just be salty, muddy wrecks after one trip out anyway.

Had an early Dr. appointment this morning, I got to take my Glucose test. I don't know why so many women grumble about taking it. My little bottle tasted just like Sierra Mist when I drank it down (just a little sweeter) and it wasn't so bad. For me, the "two tubes of blood getting drawn" part isn't my favorite. But I'm OK, as long as I don't look. Yes, I'm a wuss.

Work was...interesting yesterday. I walked into a store that was very nearly PERFECT, not one thing out of place. They were ready for the big VISIT. However, there was one problem: the Visit wasn't until 4pm, and so the challenge was to KEEP the store perfect for the next six hours.

Not so easy. School was cancelled, so a lot of parents came in with their kids, and lots of muddy boots. (The poor maintenance people, I counted FOUR times they had to re-do the floors so they'd be all clean and sparkly) Not to mention it was Senior Discount Day, and by noon the whole Bed and Bath Department had all gone to Hell. I was in Men's --and the Dockers were soon all messed up. Yep, it was Senior Day. I won't even go into the level of Anality (is that a word?) we were stooping to, just to make sure things were just right for the Visit.

But by 2:30 Corporate People started pouring in by the busload. That's what's so fun about working in a store that is a prototype, you see a lot of things you wouldn't see in a normal store.

I was off at three and things were getting intense. I am sure everything went swimmingly. Our store is well-run and it usually does. I was at home with my feet up when the Visit actually happened--the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Well I'd better get to all the phone calls I need to make. I will try and NOT think about how scary my car looks right can't even tell what color it is. It looks like I'm driving an igloo. WHEN WILL IT WARM UP ALREADY?????

*ahem* I feel better now.


Michelle Miles said...

I just washed my car yesterday - it looked horrid. So I can imagine. :) STAY WARM!

Lowa said...

Maybe I am a slob, but I never wash my vehicles. Don't see the point, I guess. Hubby does a few times a year. The kids have fun splashing water and some soap on them once or twice a summer. I guess since I grew up on a farm in the snow and slush, our vehicles here in the city seem very clean comparitively or something.

Glad you had your feet up for a bit, you deserve to!