Thursday, September 30, 2010

Panic Mode.

I had a little revelation yesterday, hop on over to my writing blog, The Potted Pen to see what I'm talking about. (Warning, you might have a craving when you're through!)

I had a major panic episode yesterday. About 4:30, I received an email from the relocation company, that my household goods in storage were being brought to the house TOMORROW, unless I wanted to pay for it myself.

Hmmm--at the prices they wanted to charge, I think not. So, I went into full blown Catastrophe Mode and ran to Home Depot and bought six sets of shelves, to make room for all the furniture and things. UGH. Then I got an email that they were actually bringing the stuff on Oct. 2nd, which gives me a lot more time to figure things out. WHEW.

Crisis averted! But you know what *I* will be doing all weekend!

It's been raining--a lot. Soccer practice was cancelled last night. I am just happy my allergies are nonexistent. Everyone is starting to get their Fall stuff up, even pumpkins. Um, sorry, no way. I will not be putting pumpkins out this early only to have them rot in two weeks because it averages 85 degrees outside. I do FAKE pumpkins, thank you very much! The trick is, to get them to not blow away.

That's another thing I noticed here. A lack of wind. My last house was on a hill, and the wind was relentless. I mean EVERY DAY. Here, we hardly get any breeze. It's awesome. So, maybe my fake pumpkins will have a chance! ;-)

I seriously have nothing else to write about. Guess it's time to wrap it up.

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Devon Ellington said...

Is it worth putting in storage, or do you have room in the house?

All these companies are out to screw us, aren't they? Are they violating the original agreement?

Best wishes.