Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Can I Just Clone Myself, Please???

I'd like to clone myself, at least ten times. Lara1 would get up at 5am and get Thing Three off to school. Lara2 would work out an hour a day on the elliptical and then do 40 min of Yoga. Lara3 would clean all the toilets until they shined. Lara4 would keep up with the laundry and grocery shopping. Lara5 would cook nutritious yet tasty meals that never get the "EW, WE'RE HAVING THAT??? response. Lara6 would drive the kids to all their sports and activities. Lara7 would be in charge of keeping the house dusted, vacuumed, and decluttered. Lara8 would write a bestelling novel. Lara9 will be the room parent for her son's 4th grade class. And Lara10 would sit and listen to the three-year old yackety yackety yackety all day long and read books to him and play Pirates and Knights Raid The Castle for hours on end with him.

Which would leave me, free to sleep in.


What would YOU do if you could clone yourself?

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