Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Holy Toys R Us Mailer

Toys R Us is very smart. You know how they send out those mailers that are basically full-color magazines with spreads of all toys imaginable? Yeah, especially around the holidays. Just to entice our little cherubs into fits of OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH Mom look at the toys can I have them pleeeeeeeeeeeeease???? I probably set foot in a Toys R Us only about two to three times a year. Toys R Us knows this. So, the Mountain is going to come to Mohammed. They will bring the store to me, in full-color magazine glory, for my kids to worship.

Well, they've definitely snagged another "worshipper."

Thing Four, who is three, has been clutching the latest Toys R Us mailer to his chest for the last three days, carrying it everywhere with him. He is convinced Santa Claus will bring him every toy in that magazine, and he sits and stares at it, for as long as I'll let him. He takes it to the dinner table. (and I take it away, amidst protests). He reads it while he's watching TV. I drew the line at taking it into the bathtub.

I have half a mind to LAMINATE the durn thing, because he had a near meltdown this morning when a corner of it ripped. (Mommy my toy magazine ripped! Please mommy please tape it please tape it the toy magazine is broken! please Mommy pleaeeeeeeese!!!!)

The cover came off it yesterday, and we had a near meltdown over that. It has been elevated to "holy" status in his eyes, and I'd better find something else to distract him, and fast.


I have a cold. It hit me yesterday. I thought it was allergies at first, but then the throat started hurting and I got the aches last night. Today I am stuffed up and cement-head-y. Nice. Of course the weekend my husband takes the boys to Florida for the BYU game I will be sick, and unable to appreciate the "girl time." Isn't that how it always works?

I'd better get some tape. The Holy Toys R Us Mailer needs a repair...

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Devon Ellington said...

Hot tea with honey and lemon. Steam with eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, and chamomile. Hot baths. Lots of chicken soup.

Feel better soon!