Friday, September 24, 2010

Drive Through Movie

I was soooo bad at Thing Three's soccer practice last night. I decided I was going to do what *I* wanted to do. I was going to watch a movie.

In case you wondered, the soccer fields have ZERO parking, so there are cars lined up along the roads, parked on the fields, anywhere they can find a place. Of course it doesn't help that we have "skills night" on Thursdays, which means all the kids on all the teams in the league come together for skills drills, in addition to the micro soccer games AND baseball games that are already in progress--can you say cars cars and more cars??!!

So, I get VERY lucky last night, after I've circled the roundabout about 15 times, this lady right in the front pulls out, so I pull right in. And I'm prepared for the next hour and a half. I've got a diet mountain dew, a mini-pack of crackers, and my iPad. I watch Thing Three run onto the field, roll the windows down, prop the iPad on my steering wheel, scoot the seat wayyy back, and start watching AVATAR.

It's as good as a drive-through movie. An hour later, I'm totally into the movie, and I hear a gasp outside during a tense part. I look around and see that about half a dozen kids have gathered around my Sequoia (unbeknownst to me because I was so "into" the movie) and they are watching the movie too. In fact, the mom in the car right next to me seems to be watching pretty intently, as well. ;-)

I say "hey guys" to them and they all giggle and scatter at being discovered. Except for one little kid. I mean, I didn't care that they watched. It just caught me by surprise. The kid watched with me until practice was over, and it was very dark. Thing Three said he found our car easily because A) it's white and B) it was the only car with a bright TV-like light flickering inside it.

Good to know. ;-)

We are just going to chill this weekend. We have soccer games and haircuts on Saturday, and Sunday, a whole lot of RELAXING. With a good dose of family time, for good measure.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like fun! That iPad is coming in handy!