Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've Discovered A Gold Mine The Kraft Web Site

Okay, most of you will laugh and laugh and laugh at me over this, but I am not the "best" cook in the world. Hence, I need a lot of help. But I need meal ideas that don't take an hour to make, but rather, 20 minutes at the MOST.

So, I was futzing around on the Kraft website yesterday while waiting for my 9th load of laundry to dry (don't worry, I have four more) and I discovered...(drumroll please...) RECIPES!!!

And not just great recipes, but QUICK and EASY recipes, that my kids will love! I've been getting the Kraft magazine for a few years, but I didn't know about the wealth of recipes on the web site! I spent a good hour (bad Lara!) on the computer yesterday, printing up recipes for my book and "filing" them in my online recipe box. LOVE IT!!

This is where you can laugh. I am probably, literally, the LAST person on earth to hear about this site. Isn't that pathetic? Yet I am giddy with joy, because now, I can do the whole "One Bag, Five Meals" thing, and I have at least a dozen new recipes for dinner.


Okay, ahem, I know, pathetic. Anyway, I am very happy about it. And today is Laundry Day Part II, because I got a "little" sidetracked with it yesterday with my new discovery.

I am loving all this rain--no allergies! Hurrah!!!


Devon Ellington said...

I didn't know about it, either, so you're not the very last to know.

Glad your allergies are better.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about it either.

Recipes are good and all that, but you really can't beat take out or "frozen pizza Friday's".