Wednesday, September 08, 2010

One of Those Days You Just Want To Crumple Up and Throw In The Trash Can...

Yesterday was a crazy day. I don't know about you people, but my house was a STY after Labor Day weekend. I got all the kids onto the bus, had breakfast, and went to my weekly class. Well, halfway through it, my phone rang (I'd forgotten to mute it, you can imagine being deep in the material and suddenly the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme rings out??) and it was Hubby. He told me we were going to have a bunch of boys from church over for dinner, and he'd promised them I'd make my awesome sweet pulled pork, with all the fixings. (I vaguely remember agreeing to this, but wasn't sure about the "when." In his defense, he thought it was next Tuesday until he looked at his email).

Needless to say, I freaked a little. Okay, I freaked a LOT. Do you know how long it takes to cook a ten-pound pork roast? ALL FREAKING DAY. If you do it right, anyway. I should have had it in the crock pot at 8 a.m. Here it was, already ten a.m., and I didn't even OWN a roast.

After class, instead of leisurely talking with the other moms while Thing Four played with the other kids, I grabbed him and ranlikehecktothecar and sped to the nearest Harris Teeter for a pork roast. Ran home, dumped it into the crock pot, and then off to Costco for stuff. Of course driving home from Costco my nav system froze (it's an iPhone app, and it kinda stinks) and I ended up getting lost and finding myself in the town of Stallings, wherever that is, until the gps finally started working again and got me back home. Just a little detour. ;-)

Got home and started cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning. And cooking. And more cooking. FINALLY, just as everyone was arriving, I was ready to shoot my face off and jump off the roof, but the house looked great and the food was done. Then I had to run my kids to scouts and cubs and church meetings, with a crabby three-year old who'd had NO nap and yes, I collapsed into bed really tired last night.

Otherwise, the day was fabulous. Today, we just have soccer practice. And I am heating up chicken nuggets for dinner.

Yep, I really am. Watch me.


Devon Ellington said...

When I lived with my significant other, the house rule was, if you bring someone home for dinner without 48 hours' notice, we're having takeout or pasta. Or the person providing the invite does ALL the cooking.

We did have some fun take out suppers on the living room floor, though (remember, it was a small NY apartment, no room for guests -- so we'd sit on the floor).

Rest up today. Maybe you and your friend can go do something nice to treat yourselves?

Aimee said...

I actually find solace in knowing I'm not alone in feeling like I'm "treading water" with my day's schedule. Good job on pulling it all together so quickly. At least you can sleep at night. I find when things are out of order I can't sleep. Let's just say I'm going on 10 days without sleep.

Anonymous said...


Look on the bright side. At least your hubby likes your food enough to share it with others!