Thursday, September 09, 2010

Peer Pressure.

First off, I'd like to let my dear friend Devon, whose beloved cat Elsa passed away yesterday, know how sorry I am and how much I care about her. You're in my thoughts, Dev.

A conversation I had this morning with my daughter, who is almost 13:

Her: "Mom?"

Me: Yes?

Her: "Can I start having fresh fruit in my lunch?"

Me: "Um, don't apples and bananas and clementines count as fresh fruit?"

Her: "Well, I was thinking more like strawberries and kiwis."

Me: "You hate kiwi. I had you try it once and you were, if I remember correctly, completely grossed out."

Her: "I know, but all my friends have kiwi in their lunch. they split it in half and eat it with a spoon."

Me: "That's nice, dear."

I mean, really? Part of me wants to say no to kiwi, but I remember when I was growing up, and I wanted to have Yoplait yogurt in my lunch, but back then, that was like extravagant or something. Yoplait was simply too expensive to eat every day. All the cool girls ate Yoplait in their lunch, every day. I never did. Maybe that's why I only eat Yoplait today? Who knows. But I totally get the kiwi thing. **grumble**

At least it's just kiwi fruit, and not a diamond-studded backpack or solid-gold toed shoes or something REALLY over-the-top. ;-)

Okay, I realized how big HUGE of a mistake I just made, ordering fresh milk from Lakeview Farms. They deliver every Thursday, and they bring milk in those old-fashioned glass jars, and leave them on your doorstep, and the milk is to DIE for. I mean, I had a taste of the chocolate milk, and it was like sipping chocolate cream. Yeah. Need to stay away from that stuff. It's for the three year old. Uh huh. I won't be partaking. At least I ordered skim, too, and I will see how that tastes. But I've been told getting milk "two days from the cow" is pretty awesome, so we shall see.

It's Thursday. On my to do list: tackle my closet so it can be called a "walk in" again, tackle laundry (I think I will devote an entire blog post to the never-ending laundry situation tomorrow) and make phone calls. It's actually going to be a quiet day today, we only have soccer after school. Although I just got Thing Three's league game schedule and the games are at a field FORTY FREAKING MINUTES AWAY. I mean, really? I thought this was a community league, not a TRAVELING league!

That's going to put a crimp in my Saturdays...

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Devon Ellington said...

Thank you for all your love and support.

When I went to school, no one had yogurt at lunch. It was all ice cream and chocolate pudding. Ah, the 70s!

I only started eating yogurt occasionally about a year or two ago, and Yoplait is the only one that doesn't make me want to hurl. I didn't realize it was once an extravagance. Good piece of info for writing!

I know what you mean about laundry. I live in a small, child-free (but pet-friendly) household and I still have at least four loads of laundry a week. A lot of my friends who have kids have to do at least that much about every other day.