Monday, September 27, 2010

I Need Laundry.

Okay, ouch. It's been raining, and I just wiped out in front of my house while wheeling two ginormous trash cans out. Applause, anyone?

WHEW. Can I just say that? This weekend was a little...hairy. Let's just say on Saturday night I fell into bed completely exhausted.

Thing One has a volleyball clinic the next few Saturdays, we didn't realize when we signed her up it would be 8:30 in the morning. Now, to me, that isn't so bad, but to a daughter heck-bent on "sleeping in" on Saturday morning, it might as well be 4am. Yeah, she wasn't exactly thrilled.

So, I got up at 7am, got her up, got Thing Four up, ran Thing One to the gym with Thing Four in tow, then drove 20 minutes to the dry cleaners (the only decent one I can find is 15 miles from my house), picked up Hubby's suits and shirts for his BIG meetings this week, ran home, dropped them off, said goodbye to Hubby and the boys since they were going for hair cuts, gulped down breakfast, and ran to pick up Thing One from Volleyball.

Met back at the house at 10:30, and hubby decided it would be fun to go to an early lunch before Thing Three's soccer game, so we jumped immediately into the cars, had lunch, and at 11:30 I took Things Three and Two with me to the soccer fields, which, as luck would have it, are 40 minutes away. I know, crazy, huh? We got the short end of the stick this year.

Anyway, got to the game, completely incinerated ourselves for an hour and a half (but Thing Three's team won! WOO), and when we finally got home at 2:45, I had to run to the store for a couple of things for Sunday dinner, then it was back to get ready for a 5:30 dinner date with friends, and THEN my friend and I left from the dinner and headed to church for a women's broadcast. Which we giggled through most of, because quite frankly, we were both so bone-tired.

Sunday was better, I just had to wake up early and prepare my lesson, and get a roast in the crock pot because we had company for dinner. AND get everyone ready for church, ha ha.

But after dinner it was sort of relaxing. I beat Dr. Zombie for the 10th time on Plants vs Zombies. I know, a total accomplishment. But hey, I needed to unwind!

Laundry. Today will be laundry day. I need something mundane and relaxing! ;-)


Devon Ellington said...

Sounds like a great weekend, even though it was hectic, and that you're making some really nice friends there.

Nicola said...

Oh my gosh, so my weekend was not as hectic as yours. I was on soccer snack duty though... I got creative and printed these out in 4 x 6 and glued them to blue paper lunch bags for the snack.
Happy Monday!

Kannan said...

Good post.