Thursday, July 23, 2009

Target is EVIL. And I LOVE it.

The weather finally broke--looks like if the lawn dries out I can mow it today. It's getting dangerously close to looking "too" long. Hubby likes to mow it down to a 4---which I think is a bit short for summer, but he says it looks "manicured" and so 4 it is. Even when I mow it too.

And I hate that part of me agrees it looks pretty dang good at a 4. Bah.

And yes, Devon, Target really is just like an amusement park! It's bright and shiny and appealing, and they have SO many cute things that you just don't need, it's scandalous. Take these plastic orange and blue-patterned plates in coordinating patterns and solids that I absolutely STOPPED and STARED at on an end cap. I was all set to pick out the blue plates and matching bowls, and I said to myself, "Lara, what are you DOING??? You don't need more dishes!"

And yes, I put them back. And I did that with a few shirts. And a DVD or two. And some towels. URGH.

It's actually a blessing the closest Target to me is 15 minutes away. When we lived in Denver, and I had a super Target literally a half mile from my house. I was there several times a week. Hubby loved that, heh heh.

I do enough damage at the Walmart that is literally 5 minutes away. I'm not really into their clothes or house stuff, but they have a craft department and electronics and lots of cool office stuff. I walked in there this week and gasped at all the beautiful back-to-school aisles. I get all giddy when I see well-merchandised office supplies. Tingly.

Okay, fun's over. Got to get to Boston Store and pick up some moisturizer and... socks. Because Hubby can't have enough socks.


The Bean Cassarole said...
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The Bean Cassarole said...

Dan has to steer me away from the office isle, cuz I just go there and look at all the supplies like I'm a kid in a candy shop.

Must have got that from you. ;-)

"tingly" would be the right word.

Lowa said...

Target is pure evil. I am amazed that you got out of there only spending $50!?!? That almost NEVER happens with me. I average about $200 per trip and I go there a few times a week also! LOL They often joke with me that I need to get a job there. I have been thinking about getting something part time, esp. since we just found out my hubby is laid off at the end of this month. Gonna be hard to home school my kids if I am working...but we will figure it out! Anyway, I know JUST what you mean about Target. I am forever filling up my cart and then setting stuff back on the shelves.

Anonymous said...

One can never have enough socks, because the dryer gremlins sneak in and take one of every pair.

I'm like a cat following toys whenever I'm in Target -- "ooh, shiny!" Micheal's has the same effect on me during the holidays.

Target is about a 15-20 minute drive, in White Plains. Still close enough for frequent trips. Micheal's is 5 minitues -- on theway to the storage unit, across from the grocery store, next to Bed, Bath & Beyond AND DSW.

I'm doomed.

Michelle Miles said...'s so good to be back and reading your blog. I missed it! I missed you! :) I love Target and WalMart both. A double whammy.