Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Big "D."

Poor Thing Four. Road trip food does NOT agree with him. For example, we pulled into West Yellowstone three nights ago, and when we got into the hotel, we realized he had pooped so much it had run down his legs and into his shoes and all over the floor.

Yeah, THAT was a fun cleanup.

And the road trip home, we had two more "incidents" just like it.

And this morning. I drop the kids off at volleyball/soccer camps and run home, and just as I'm pulling him out of his car seat he says to me:

"I don't have Diarrhea, Mom."

So, I ranlikehell into the house and got him on a towel, and it was EVERYWHERE. ICK.

I am getting a little tired of getting poop everywhere when I change him, and having to throw him in the tub more than once a day. It's dang inconvenient. He's a sweetheart about it, and for heaven's sake he's not potty trained, so I can't get mad at him. But I've learned to recognize the signs--he asks for a "cuppy" (that means he pooped and his bum hurts and he needs a sippy cup to make him feel better) and he walks up to me and says "I don't have poop, Mom." So, if he does either of those, I know to change him immediately.

Yeah, I'm sure you really wanted to know about all this. I just feel bad for him.

I accomplished a lot yesterday, and today I have a lot more to knock out. At least we're unpacked, that has to be some sort of record or something. Usually my suitcases sit in the living room for at least a day or two before I even touch them. Nope, not this time. I got them emptied and put away.

I promise I will post vacation pics at some point, I just need to garner the energy.

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