Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Loathe the Dentist.

I really loathe the dentist. Granted, I have pretty healthy teeth, and I've even had one dentist tell me I have "nice choppers." But I just HATE going. It's the films, the gloved hands in my mouth, the chapped lips, the smell, the DRILL...

Since I've had all my babies, my teeth aren't as impervious as they were before. I actually have a tiny cavity I need to get filled tomorrow. UGH. The dentist has assured me that it's so small I won't need anesthesia, but he did say once he opens it up, if it's bigger than he thought, he'll have to give me the shots and take care of it.


I am thinking I need to give up one of my favorite vices: Everlasting Gobstoppers. You know, those little jawbreakers (which, I SWEAR have shrunk in size since the 80's) made by Willy Wonka. I keep a jar of them on my desk, and when I write, I pop them in my mouth. And of course, I can't just suck on them, I have to crunch them up.

Horrible for my teeth, I know. But I really like them! But now that I'm late thirties, I probably have to start thinking about my teeth, and taking better care of them. I don't need to be chowing down on a jawbreaker only to swallow half a molar. :-)

So, I'm still cleaning my house. You can now "walk" into my walk-in closet. Today's project is to clean the guest room out. (Yes, it's become the multi-purpose room again.) Onwards and upwards!

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Jennifer said...

I used to loathe the dentist, too, until the dentist became my father-in-law and the hygenist became my mom. Funny how that worked. Good luck! Take your ipod!