Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm BACK!!!!

We got back from vacation last night. On the road, with hardly any cell service through Yellowstone and the Badlands, it was a blast. But we are T-I-R-E-D. Hubby and I went to bed at 8pm last night, right after we tucked in the kids. After driving 28 hours, we were beat.

I will post some pics tomorrow, and tell all about vacation. Today, I have about 832527 places to run and things to do. I've already dropped Thing One off at her Volleyball camp and Thing Three off at his Soccer camp. Now I need to make thing Two help me get the garbage out and pick up the mail. Off I go!
Oh, and we have a new car, now! Gone is the Expedition. Hello Sequoia:I've always like white. I begged Hubby for white. He thought I was weird, but now I have my white SUV like I've always wanted! Woo! It's a little like being in an airplane cockpit, but it's nice and big and I love it. The new family bus has arrived!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Love the new car and love the "new car" smell.

We got a new Suburban last November when gas was around $4/gallon. Of course there was criticism from tree-huggers but hey, I got four kids and two of them are teenagers.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Yellowstone and Badlands are on my list of must-sees someday. Can't wait for pics!

i test-drove a Tourag a few months ago, and yeah, it was like being in an airplane cockpit. In fact, I think it had more dials and things than the last airplane cockpit I was in (of course, that was quite a few years ago).

What's funny is that I can fit more into my VW rabbit than my friend can fit into her SUV. The car itself is huge, but space-wise, the VW is more efficient, and actually holds more.

When I helped her move, we made that strange discovery.