Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Get to Go on a Hike.

Not that I mind hiking. I actually LOVED to go backpacking through Yellowstone and Grand Teton with my roomies in college...

My boys' Cub Scout pack meeting is tonight, and Fearless Den Leader (she really is!) has decided we are all going to a national park for a hike. Which, actually works for me because Thing Two couldn't do his three-mile hike during Scout camp, with it being 150 degrees outside, and 85% humidity...so they nixed the hike. But he still has to do one, for his Webelos requirements.

ANYWAY, we're all going on a hike. Only it will be 80 degrees, with SWARMS of mosquitoes, and I will be lugging my two-year old along on an all-terrain stroller. So, that should be interesting. Yes, I love nature. I really do. I just don't like...bugs. I don't mind the dirt and the sweat and the general "outdoorsiness" of it all---I just don't like bugs.

I know. I KNOW! Shut up!!!

Poor Thing One. She slept over at her friend's house last night, and they spent SIX hours in the swimming pool. SIX. She's red as a lobster. I had to apply copious amounts of Aloe (I have a HUGE plant at my disposal) and vinegar last night. She smelled like a stinky pickle, but it helped. She insists she applied sunscreen not once, but twice, but she "forgot" to put it on the back of her shoulders. Ouch. I can so relate.

Well, time to clean toilets! I have an exciting life!


The Bean Cassarole said...

What I wouldn't do to go with! I have a friend who makes natural bug spray that's not harmful to anything but the bugs. So instead of smelling like a Deet factory, you smell like yummy herbs and I've never been bitten with it on.

Maybe I should send you some? lol

Michelle Miles said...

Poor kid. Mine just got over a bad sunburn, too. I know how painful they are so I felt really bad for him.

Have fun on your hike!

Lowa said...

My daughter spent seven hours in the pool at her friend's house and her back is burnt, but not too badly. The Aloe helps for sure! Her friend's mother put sunscreen on her twice, which I am thankful for. My daughter was shocked that she got burnt!??! LOL I reminded her that the water washes it off and even if she had not been in water, she needs to reapply over and over...the joys of summer. NOT!

Blech. I hate it. I am sure you have heard on the news how we are being cooked alive over here??:( Only a small % of homes have AC over here and we are NOT in that percentage, sadly:(