Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's Hot.

My vacation so far has been...HOT. Thing Three got drafted to play on his cousin's baseball team last night, and we sat in the boiling sun in 100 degree weather for two hours. Thing Three did awesome, he had base hits every time and he had a key play, so it was a boost for him. And he doesn't even play baseball! But the baby had HAD IT by seven pm and we had to leave a little early, and get him into some air conditioning.

Then it was off to Mexican food at this dive no one has ever been to, and I wish I could say it was good (most dive-ey places have really great food) but the food was gross.

We're back to the lake again today, and I am going to simply ride on a TUBE behind the boat. And wear SPF 99735473, because I am scared of melanoma.

Cross your fingers for me!

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Anonymous said...

HOpe you have fun by the lake. Congrats to Thing Three! Nice work, stepping in like that. A lot of kids would have been intimidated.