Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Survived The Dentist.

Don't get me wrong, I have a very jovial, personable dentist. I just don't like the drilling. He was quick, it was painless (just a few cold stabs) and voila--done.

I'm a wuss, I know. I need to get over myself.

I took the kids to Target yesterday just to get out of the house. This weather has been sucking big time. And I am amazed and astounded to report that I made it out of Target only having spent $50. Yes, people, I actually controlled myself.

Granted, we made a killing at the Dollar Spot, but I only needed to buy deoderant for Thing Two (who is ten and informed me the other day that his armpits have started "smelling like onions") and I was very very good and didn't buy a book. Besides, I still have a Barnes & Noble Giftcard from Mother's day I need to spend. So, why would I buy books at Target?

This morning we were all startled awake around 6am with The. Loudest. Thunder Clap. Ever. I thought the house had been wrenched apart. You know that Japanese show where they sneak a cannon into the sleeping person's hotel room and set it off right above them?

Yeah, that was us, this morning. LOUD. And it's raining. And cold. And we watered our lawn for six hours last night. D'OH!

At least we have a very green lawn. Hubby is happy.

Well, time to end my random stream of consciousness and get going. I have half a dozen toilets that need some attention. THRILLSVILLE.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the dentist wasn't too hateful.

Target's kind of like an amusement park, isn't it?

I never realized how much the books were discounted until I saw a trilogy my mom wanted and grabbed it, not realizing until I got to the register that there even was a discount!