Monday, July 20, 2009

The Harry Potter movie was SO worth it. Of course I was dismayed (as usual) at all the plot changes/storyline exclusions, as I am with most HP movies, but the acting was excellent, and everything was stellar. Highly worth it. Although it seemed to me (spoilers ahead!) that the Half Blood Prince revealing at the end was HIGHLY anti-climactic, and, to my disappointment, Harry's feelings for Ginny seemed lukewarm, as opposed to strong, in the book. Frankly, as pretty as Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) is, she has zero chemistry with Dan Radcliffe. And I mean ZERO. He has more chemistry with Hermione. Maybe it's because the screenwriter only gave Ginny one liners. I spent most of the movie thinking she sounded like a cyborg rather than...well...Ginny. The Ginny in the books is spunky and animated and feisty. They just didn't give the movie Ginny much material to work with, which resulted in her lines being wooden and melodramatic.

Either that, or she just isn't that great of an actress??? I wonder...I haven't seen her in anything else...

ANYWAY, the movie was worth it. I will see it again with my kids. But I'm nervous--the images (especially the Gollum-like Inferi, ick) were creepy and scary. I hope they don't get nightmares! They are all under twelve, remember. So, I need to be careful.

The weekend was good. Hubby and I got to the temple on Saturday (we have to drive two hours to Chicago) but it was nice. And we pretty much lazed around the house the rest of the weekend because it was BUTT COLD, and overcast. The high was 63.

I was wondering why I was wearing a hoody in the middle of JULY. C'mon Mother Nature!!!

Today I am making the kids DEEP clean their rooms. They hate me. I don't give a crap.

Have a happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked the movie - I've felt all along Ginny was underwritten in the movies, while jumping off the page in the books.

Lowa said...

I must be missing something and maybe it is because you guys are writers...and I am not...I have never been terribly fond of Ginny and don't really see her as feisty at all...not sure what it is. I know kinda what you mean about the movie and things being downplayed. I dunno.

To me, the star of the movie was Alan Rickman. That man BLOWS MY MIND. I just can't imagine anyone playing a more perfect Snape. Do you know what I mean?? Just unreal.

My ten and eight year olds will not see the movie. They have only seen the first two and we will keep it that way for some time. They would certainly have nightmares. They only recently were allowed to see the first two.