Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well, THAT was Interesting...

I got on a kick yesterday. We have these particle board bookcases I bought in Denver in 2005, and we currently have our DVDs stacked on them. The only problem? They're this tacky light oak color, and everything in our basement is either dark wood or black.

SO--I decided to buy some black glossy spray paint, and I lugged them out to the garage and sprayed them down. The first time, I didn't wear gloves, and I don't think my right index finger has recovered, yet. The second time I WORE gloves, and after about a half hour total of spraying I was feeling...funky.
Granted my garage was well-ventilated, I had all the doors open and I was rushing outside every time I shook the can to take gulps of fresh air, but I started feeling light-headed and woozy.

SO woozy, in fact, that I had to lie down. And I passed out for two hours. My kids were all running around me on the sofa, even making themselves lunch (thank heaven I have an older daughter who took care of the two-year old) and I didn't even wake up.

Niice. Anyway, I lugged them back downstairs and they look INFINITELY better:

Although now I'm thinking we need to rethink the red color of our basement. It was pretty cool three years ago, and now...not so sure. Eh. I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot pole. The rest of our basement is in toast colors, but the main family area is "Maharaja Ruby Red" or some name like that.
Yeah, my life is boring. But it's my life. And if I want to do a project and accidentally get high, so be it.
I have church visits today (yes, I put them off until the end of the month, I'm SO bad!) and then I need to tackle Mount Vesuvius in the laundry room. But at least I get to go to Home Depot today!
Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

You did a fabulous job on the bookcases.

When I move, I'm flying you out to help me on home projects!!!

Do you have any nail polish remover? That will get the paint off your hands.

I don't know how color-true the photo is on the blog, but I think the walls look pretty good.

Of course you're concerned with house stuff -- Jupiter's retrograde -- everything home-oriented that's unsorted demands to be sorted!

The Bean Cassarole said...

I've been craving to have that color in my house, it must be that weird connection sisters have.

I think it looks great! I'm more of a light walls and dark wood (like cherry) furniture person. Like the Caribbean collection from Ethan Allen.

However, we must have at least one room that has the flare for the dramatic, and I totally love to have red!

Michelle Miles said...

It looks fantastic!! I kinda dig the red walls. I've always wanted red walls but never had the nerve to do it. :D