Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Divine Intervention.

Seriously. That's what it was, yesterday. Intervention in what, you ask?

The fact that we hiked in the mountains for two hours yesterday and I only got ONE (Yes, UNO) mosquito bite!

Divine Intervention.

Normally, mosqitoes love me. As in, (this said in the little high-pitched annoying mosquito-speak)"Oh, look, it's the Lara Smorgasbord! ATTACK!
I might as well smother myself in honey and sugar and serve myself up with a side of blackberries--because they love my blood, for some reason.

Anyway, I put on the SUPER DEET Deep Woods Off last night. Twice. You know, the kind that is as potent as you can get without being poisonous to humans.
It was quite humorous watching (and feeling) literally thousands of mosquitoes bounce off my body during the hike. And the one bite I got? Through my shirt, in my lower back. Probably the only spot I couldn't reach with repellent.

The boys didn't get any either. I sprayed them good. Hooray!
We hiked through the woods and saw a large doe right off the path, just lying down, looking at us. We saw hawks, and squirrels, and a butterfly garden. Then we hiked up a huge tower--the highest point of the forest. I got pictures but all you can see (since my dumb cell phone camera won't zoom) is a tower with unidentifiable blobs and arms sticking out at the top. Oh well.

It was a workout, and fun. And my boys got to burn off a lot of energy. Whew!

Did I mention I only got one mosquito bite? ;-)

Today we're cleaning the basement. But maybe we'll take a break and have lunch at the park. It's so nice outside!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried those OFF clip-on thingys? (Yeah, I went to college, I have such an extensive vocabulary).

I'm considering trying one. I will be on site at a place with lots of mosquitoes in just about two weeks, and they think I'm yummy.

A friend told me a dab of rosemary oiland a dab of eucalyptus oil work -- it's been helpful on the short hauls, but I don't know if it'll last all day.

Michelle Miles said...

Well, congrats on no bites! There was one in the car with me that ate me alive in the 20 mins I drove to work. GRR

It's raining here. Still! It's rained every day this week and we totally need it but I need to get my yard mowed, too. LOL