Monday, March 23, 2009

Longest. Weekend. Ever.

We spent this weekend being...sick. Fevers, coughs, sore throats, stuffed up noses, you name it. Thing Three was worrying me so I took him to urgent care yesterday, and he has pneumonia. They weren't sure if it was viral or bacterial, so they prescribed antibiotics and we've got our fingers crossed. He's pretty much the same today, and I'm keeping him home from school until his fever breaks and he feels better. Poor little guy.

I feel like I need to douse my entire house in alcohol--I've been running the washing machine on "Sanitary" wash for two days. All the sheets and towels, clothes, everything. My sanitary wash cycle ain't slow, either. One hour and 55 minutes of boiling hot water and soap. So, two hours for one load. But hey, if the laundry comes out Sanitary, that's the idea.

We missed the Pinewood Derby. I felt awful, but Thing Three had a fever of 103 and was coughing up everything under the sun, and Thing Two had a fever and a sore throat. Why would I drag them across town to race cars? We'd infect everyone. It wasn't an easy decision to make, and Hubby and I put a lot of time in on their cars, but what can you do?

The boys were OK with it, they didn't really feel like going anywhere anyway. We stayed in our jammies all day Saturday, and ordered food in.

Now I am a Cleaning Fiend. I didn't feel like tidying up much yesterday, so I have Clutter House. I really hate clutter. So, I'm knocking it out slowly.

Thing One was really bored so I gave her my story to read, and she read it in six hours. She really liked it, so I guess that's a good sign. ;-)

I just hope the lungs heal up quickly, the kids have soccer practice this week. Running around a grassy field after you've had a chest cold/pneumonia can get a little tricky...

Hope everyone is healthier than we are!


Anonymous said...

You poor things! I used to get pneumonia A LOT when I was growing up -- I was out for 13 weeks once. It's such an awful feeling. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Isn't the "Sanitary" cycle on the washer wonderful? Even though it's slow.

I hope everyone rests today and feels better soon.

Michelle Miles said...

I had pneumonia four times when I was 5 - NOT a fun thing. My skin was paper thin. So I hope your babies get well soon and don't have a relapse! Keep them from soccer, if you can. Otherwise, it could make them sick again.

I'm totally jealous you have a sanitary cycle. One of these days, I'm going to have that Samsung W/D set that's super fancy with all the buttons. ;)

Hope you all fee better soon!

The Bean Cassarole said...

Aww no! This is a vicious cycle of sickness is bad this year. All of us Grub Club girls got it within days of each other and I'm the only one with out kids. It lasted 3 weeks for me, but Cathryn is just now getting over it herself.

I'm not surprised thing one read it that fast! Isn't she your target age range anyway?

I hope everyone is doing better today!