Friday, March 06, 2009



Wait, what am I thinking? Friday means nothing to me. What am I getting all excited about?


Sorry, inside joke with my Mom, who unfortunately reads this blog.

Thing One's basketball game last night was INTENSE. I know, how can a fifth-grade game be intense? Well, it WAS. They were neck and neck. Thing One had several key assists, and her team pulled away early. Then the other team pulled six points ahead. Then her team caught up. Then they were neck and neck and finally, at the buzzer, they were up by two points and one of the girls on the other team shot the ball...and missed. Thing One's team won! It was very exciting. All the parents were totally into it! Usually I'm gabbing and I see about 20% of the game. This time we were all glued. You don't usually get NBA-caliber tension from a game played by 11/12 year-olds! It was a hoot.

I'm going to try and convince Hubby to drive all the way to Milwaukee tomorrow so we can go to the only SONIC for like, a thousand miles. (Okay, I'm exaggerating but it FEELS that way!) They just opened up a brand new one, and I suspect it will be very busy but I must have a Cherry Limeade. We used to go to Sonic all the time in Texas. And Chick Fil-A. And Panda Express. Okay, I must stop or I will get VERY sad...

Hubby is home from New York, and he's back at work. I actually missed him this time, so that was nice. (kidding!) This weekend will be busy, but I'm looking forward to Sunday. After our morning church, we come home and have lunch and TAKE NAPS. Yessssssss.....

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!


Unknown said...

I hope the convincing goes over well!! Derrick knows never to squash any Sonic type ideas!

Anonymous said...

my mother who "unfortunately" reads this blog? are grounded missy. :-)


The Bean Cassarole said...

Well, I don't know what the joke is, but Friday's are 'meh' to me too, only because I have to work Saturday and Sunday..blah.

And you know what, I was super excited when a Sonic opened up here, but then I found out I couldn't drink Limeades because of my ulcer.

I do value their coconut creme shakes though...mmmmm.

Lowa said...

I am sorry you miss those places...there was a fast food place in Canada that I grew up with called "Taco Time". I missed it SO BAD when I married hubby and moved to SC. They had Chick Fil-A there and I never did understand the attraction?? I don't like that place at all. Those waffle fry things are GROSS! Dunno what Sonic is but I hear about it all the time. On blogs one that I know in person ever mentions it, I have not seen I would assume we don't have them in the Pacific Northwest. Smart aren't I?? LOL

We have Panda Express EVERYWHERE out here and...luckily...Taco Time:) I am content. As long as I have my Taco Time. A friend that I grew up with in Canada lives in NC. Any time she comes up here, we eat at Taco Time as much as we can! LOL She misses it so much!

Lowa said...

Oh also. Do you guys have Schlotzky's there?? It is a Deli that makes the most unusual and INCREDIBLE sandwiches. They had them in SC and there is one about an hour away here and as far as I is the only one in the state. It is SO GOOD! Hubby took me a few years ago...I need to ask him to drive me back there, I dunno how to get to it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, that far for a SONIC. They are good though. If you'd have moved to Charlotte, the drive to a SONIC wouldn't be so long.

I love their commericals!

Oh and you ain't had fried chicken until you have Price's Chicken Coop chicken.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a GREAT game!

Enjoy the weekend!

Lara said...

Laura, every time we go to Idaho to visit family, I get my Taco Time "Crisp Meat Burrito" fix!