Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Monday--and I have the house to myself and the baby again. It's so quiet!

Didn't sleep well last night--that's the last time I watch back-to-back episodes of "24" right before bed. Bleah. I was up for at least an hour, trying to sleep but the adrenaline rush wasn't dissipating...

Friday night was Kids' Days at Boston Store, so we went and got the kids their Spring clothes. It was awesome--sale prices plus our associate discount PLUS a 30% coupon. We basically got everything more than half off.

Then Saturday was running everywhere, to Dicks for soccer shoes, and a trip to Costco (the closest one is in Grafton, an hour drive away) and we were so excited because they weren't sold out of the frozen fresh tortillas you cook yourself. We bought four stacks of them. We LOVE tortillas at our house. And fresh is the best. And I suck at rolling them out. :-)

Sunday we had seven inches of snow on the ground, and it blew and blizzarded most of the day. We hung out with the kids and it was a nice relaxing day. And the snow mostly melted after a while.

Now it's back to work! I'm finishing up a crit for a friend--I've already run to the cleaners.
I've neglected the yoga as of late, and I'm feeling it. I am committing to three times a week for an hour. That should be a good start.
I wonder if soccer practice will happen this week. With all the snow and melting, the fields will be small lakes.

*sigh* Spring better hurry up and SPRING already!


Devon Ellington said...

Busy, busy! I'll have to check out those tortillas at Costco!

Colin Galbraith said...

Wish I'd gotten into 24 when it was showing. Aren't they making a film out of it now?