Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bang Bong Boom Boom Bang Boom.

We have a new subdivision that is going in right behind our house. Which kinda stinks because we had this backyard that seemed to go for MILES. But now, they're building in the lot right behind and to the left of us, and all day long they're banging and hammering away. Cement trucks, rock trucks, port-o-potty trucks, contractor trucks, cranes, etc. Can you say noise pollution?

And they're building a monster house, so it's taking FOREVER. I don't know why, I guess I just find it annoying today for some reason, more so than the other days.

I got some editing in last night, but pooped out on the sofa. I was too tired. I spent most of the day cleaning my house and I was TIRED. Hubby comes home from NYC tonight, and I will throw the kids at him and go to Thing One's bball game by myself. Heh heh. He'll survive.

I took the baby for a walk yesterday. And yes, he WALKED. We only walked half a block and back, and mostly he ran on the grass and played in the snow patches, but he had the time of his life. When his cheeks were pink I figured it was time to go in. It was warm--about 45 degrees. Well, for HERE that's warm. I had him all bundled up, so it was good. I love having a toddler! Watching them discover the world is so cute. *sigh*

Time to get going!

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Anonymous said...

I loathe construction noise. Make sure you know the city codes regarding the times and days they're allowed to work, and report them every time they cross the line.

It's not only noise pollution, which has been proven as detrimental to one's health, but there will be air pollution with the trucks belching black smoke, etc.

You'll wind up cleaning your house top to toe three times a day with all the soot and dust.