Thursday, March 26, 2009


Thing Four has become obsessed with the movie CARS lately. So, we watch the movie. A LOT. I've grown to really love the movie, and my favorite character ever? Not one that you would think:Yep, GUIDO. He's my absolute favorite. He's just so sweet and happy and...adorable. "Pit Stop?"

I just love him. I have him as my desktop wallpaper now. The scene where he changes Lightning's tires in four seconds flat is my FAVORITE.

Yeah, I'm easily pleased.

Short post today--since I stayed up until 2am critiquing my friend's manuscript. Well, Hubby brought work home and I promised I'd stay up with him. So we were each on our own computers, working, and finally at 2am I was DONE. Couldn't see straight. Same with him. And he wasn't close to being finished. A nice 19-hour day for him. Poor guy.

I'm off to make my church visits now. No rest for the weary, I guess. But you can bet I am SO taking a nap when the kiddo takes HIS nap! HA!

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