Monday, March 16, 2009


Okay, so I'm being a BIT of a drama queen, but if I don't get a decent night's sleep soon, I'm going to mutiny/have a nervous breakdown/go on strike/end up on the news.

I've been up the last three nights straight with Thing Four, who we took to urgent care Saturday. At least he tested negative for strep, but he's got a NASTY viral something. He whimpers and cries all night long, despite me piggybacking the Tylenol and Motrin every four hours, and he won't eat or drink unless he has the pain relief. Poor little guy. And now Thing Two is sick. Lovely. I'm waiting for everyone else to start dropping like flies. It's their own fault for kissing the baby--they can't resist his chubby cheeks. (Well, neither can I.)

It was gorgeous weather yesterday and Saturday--sixty degrees and sunny. Of course the really cold wind kind of made it chilly, but I don't care. The kids and I went for walks (Hubby stayed home with the baby) and the kids played outside. It was great.

Soccer practices start up this week, and I will be living in my car again. WOO HOO!!!
My edits are temporarily finished on the story--I've sent it off to be critiqued (I always hate asking for someone to read a novel but the feedback is always invaluable, because I tend to be "blind" to plot errors after a while) and now I'm just giving myself a day or two off. I still need to write a synopsis. Yeah, procrastinating on that one! I've built my agent list, and now I can focus on the second book for a while. Or at least assess what I'm doing and what I need to do. I have two sequels to write, one for my LDS fiction story, and then my most recent project. I will be busy! But busy is good. It helps keep the nerves at bay when I'm waiting for answers from agents and publishers. ;-)

Lots to do today, and my house is VERY cluttery from the weekend. I've been so tired during the day I haven't cleaned. And frankly, I didn't feel like it.

:-) Happy Monday, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Is there anyone from the family who can come by for a few days and help out? Two sick kids is too much.

Great news on the book. Definitely give yourself some time to unwind, and then, off you go! More writing!

I hope everyone feels better soon, and that you get some rest.

Michelle Miles said...

Oof. I sure hope those kiddos get to feeling better soon and you get some rest.

And you are doing great on your edits. I'm so proud of myself - I finished mine, too! I will start reading soon.

Name Displayed said...

Hi! I'm new to Blogspot/Blogging, and thought I'd tell you that your photograph is perfect for soccer moms!

Hope your kids get well, and nice job on your novel!

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