Monday, March 09, 2009

I think it's psychological when you "Spring Forward." For some reason, I feel so TIRED the next day! Like that extra hour lost made a HUGE difference.
But we're back on today--I think.
Busy weekend as usual--dropped the kids off at their church activity Saturday and went to Target to hang out for a couple of hours. BAD IDEA. They have too many cute things. Then grabbed Subway for lunch and ran home. Then we actually relaxed--because it was pouring outside. And it continued raining, into the night, and Sunday, too. About 36 hours of rain, until it got cold enough to snow. We got about an inch and thankfully that was it.
Now we're supposed to have more rain tonight, and it will get COLD tomorrow. Then it will warm up again. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Should be interesting.

Thing Three flooded the bathroom Saturday night. We have early church, so I make them take their showers the night before. Well, on this particular instance, Thing Three decided to shower with the curtain OUTSIDE the tub and he had two inches of water in the bathroom in no time. About 50 towels and a major yelling session from me later, he was in bed and very much in trouble.

Why do my children attract calamity? A while back it was a gallon of milk spilled all over the basement carpet. I swear, they're out to destroy the least we haven't had anything catch fire...YET...

I need to get back into Edit Mode on my story. I took a few days' break because I sort of "burned out" on the edits last week. Now I'm back and ready to roll. AFTER the errands, of course.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

That "Spring Forward" hour that we lose -- is a total killer for me, especially on the Monday morning afterward. Yeesh!

Still, the trade off is that it's so much lighter and "brighter" for the commute home in the evenings.

The Bean Cassarole said...

You might want to "knock on wood" about the fire comment there dear. ;)

And I've been watching your weather and my weather lately (I have widgets on my computer) and it's not fair that you've been warmer than us. It's been snowing here, and they're telling us it's going to be like 6 degrees on tues. BLAH I say.