Monday, March 02, 2009

The Foot Patch Experiment

WARNING: This blog shows graphic pictures of...well...I'm not exactly sure what. All I know, is it came from my foot. So, if you're faint of heart, or eating your breakfast, DON'T SCROLL DOWN...



Okay, so I decided to perform a little experiment. I'd heard of those "foot patches" you can buy online and in stores, where you attach them to the soles of your feet while you sleep, and they "suck out" all the toxins in your feet. And if you wear them every night for a month, you detoxify your whole body. Apparently they are THE RAGE in Asia. Everyone there uses them.

I was skeptical. I asked a few friends what they thought. One thought the foot patches were complete bunk, the other swore by them. The other wasn't sure. I suppose, in retrospect, I should have asked my friend Aimee (who lived in Asia for sheesh...was it a decade?) what she thought of them.

Anyhow, I bought a box from THIS WEBSITE online. They claim there are a lot of "cheap imitations" out there, but their stuff is the REAL stuff. So I took the plunge. And I got this:
I have to say, I got a good laugh trying to read the box itself--the English was very funny.

Anyway, before bed, I pulled out one of the patches. Here is what they look like:I went ahead and attached the patches to my feet, and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I had this:

Nice, huh? NASTY is more like it. And my feet REEKED from the bamboo vinegar or whatevertheheck the stuff was they put in the patch to suck out the toxins.

Now, my feet were CLEAN, mind you, before I applied these things. In fact, it recommends you wash them.

I was still skeptical, so I took one of the patches and ran water over it. It turned a light brown, but that was it.

So, am I looking at yucky toxins that got sucked out of my foot? Not sure. I tried it another night, and it wasn't "as bad" as the first. So, I'm not sure. I talked Hubby into trying it, and his looked the same.

So, we must be TOXIC, ha ha! That's really the only conclusion that I can draw. That, and these things REALLY. REALLY. STINK. The ingredients smell terrible. Even before you put them on. I washed and washed my foot afterwards, but I still smelled like a pickle.

Anyone else try these?


Unknown said...

Weird!! Do you feel less toxic now?

I like using those Biore nose strips--sort of the same idea. I like to see all the gunk that comes out of my pores.

The Bean Cassarole said...

Eww. But then again Dan and I have been tempted to try it too.

Let me know if you notice a difference in your health!

Michelle Miles said...

THAT is disgusting. I've never tried them but heard about it.

Do you feel cleansed now? HAHA

Anonymous said...

Yep, I tried them and they turned the same brown, gooey, stinky way. In fact, I couldn't get all the smell off of my feet and ended up dowsing them with Lismore perfume before work one morning.

I never really noticed any improvement in my health, but there is something to it.

Hubby's knee was swollen once due to a tubing accident (drunk at the lake again). I put a patch on his knee to see what would happen. The next day the swelling was GONE! There was no stiffness or pain either. It didn't cure his hangover, but at least he could walk.

I've since graduated from the patches to the Aqua Chi. It's the same concept as the patches only more intense. If you think the patch smells bad, the Aqua Chi water will make you vomit.

I do find that when I do Aqua Chi on a regular basis, I do have more energy, sleep better and my skin doesn't look like death.