Wednesday, December 06, 2006

St. Nick's Day? What???

Status: Hoping I haven't put all you fine people off Potluck food... ;-)

Okay, talk about Uncomfortable. I took Thing Three to the Dr. yesterday for his annual physical (I take them on their birthdays if I can, it helps me remember) and the Pediatrician started talking about "Saint Nick" and if my kids were going to put a shoe by the fireplace that night.

The kids had apparently already heard about St. Nick in school and begged her to tell them about him. She told them that on St. Nick's Eve (the 5th of December) Wisconsin kids put a shoe by the fireplace and during the night, St. Nick comes and puts candy and toys in their shoe.

The whole time I was thinking "When was THIS invented?" She looked at me and winked and said it was a "Wisconsin Thing."
My daughter, not one to miss a beat, told the Dr. that we lived in Wisconsin for three years before we lived in Denver and St. Nick had never visited our house. The Dr. replied "Well, I bet you never put a shoe out for Him!" And it was like a light went on in the kid's eyes.

I was positively SQUIRMING at this point. I'm not one to like being "put on the spot" and the entire way home the kids were begging me to let them put a shoe by the fireplace that evening.

Hubby had the predictable reaction. "You're Kidding" he said when I told him. "That's silly." We agreed to play along, but in the morning, I told the kids it was just a fun tradition that parents did with their kids to get them excited for Christmas. They were actually pretty cool about the whole thing.
I guess I need to study up on Wisconsin Traditions. Next you know they'll have a "St. Sausage" day or something where we have to leave a grilled sausage by the fireplace, and see if it turns into a bag of candy. Okay, that was lame. But I'm still scratching my head.

Picked up my copy of DEAD MAN'S CHEST yesterday, and despite the kids' protests, we are NOT letting them watch it. Davy Jones' CG alone will give them nightmares. Heck, the opening scene had ME recoiling. (Birds eating the eyes out of rotting corpses anybody?) I was a bit surprised that they made it so...gory this time around. Especially since kids are their major target. Oh well. I read somewhere they were making like, SEVEN more movies, and they were going to kill off Orlando's character down the line. I say don't go crazy and have half-baked shoddy sequels. Friday the 13th comes to mind...

Time to get going. I have to work today. I work today and tomorrow, and two days next week. Just how I like it. My house is the cleanest it's ever been!

Oh, and Happy I mean, St. Nick's Day, everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

I think 7 more movies is a bit silly. There is one more and it was filmed the same time as Dead Man's Chest. It'll be out next summer.

As for the movie - I got it yesterday and watched it. I liked it and there were some funny moments... but yeah the opening was ick and Davy Jones' character - ew. Still, can't wait to see the third! :)

Lara said...

Wow, how ignorant am I? Thanks, Devon.

And yes, I put WRAPPED candy in the sweaty shoes!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of St. Nick's either until last year. My co-workers couldn't believe it. The next morning my cube-mate had a stocking filled with candy and stuff for me. It was so sweet!!! But...our family has ENOUGH traditions. We def don't need to add this one!

Lowa said...

I was going to agree with Devon, it isn't just a Wisconsin thing.

My friend's parents came from Germany (her older sibs were actually also born there) and she always mentions it. She sent an e-mail a few days back and mentioned something about hoping she didn't forget to put something in her kids' "boots". I had forgotten about it until I read your post here.

I started my own tradition for some stupid reason. Now I am kicking myself! LOL My kids each have a small metal mail box with their name on it. Starting December first, they get something in it every morning. They open their advent calendars, eat their chocolate from there and then run to their spots at the table, where the mailboxes are kept.

They find a small toy/hair thing/pack of cards, candy or sometimes a note that says "We will make the gingerbread house tonight", or "We get our Santa picture taken at the Mall today." or "Tonight we will decorate the tree together and have hot chocolate". Stuff liket that.

This past week so far they have gotten a Holiday PEZ dispenser, cards (hockey for one, Pokemon for another, Neopets for another, Rudolph hair things for my daughter), and tomorrow they wake up to their own gigantic Hershey's kiss! They absolutely LOVE it and it is one of their favourite parts of the holiday. I dunno WHY I started it though, but it makes them happy. Just something ELSE for me to remember during this busy time of year!

Lara said...

Wow, Laura, a lot of work!
But your kids are clearly having the time of their isn't it worth it? ;-)

Lowa said...

Yes, it is worth it:) Most definitely!