Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy *HACK* *COUGH* Holidays...

Have to get the kids to school, run to the cleaners, the grocery store and then to work. Then run home for the TV repairman. Hopefully they ordered the part for my 50 inch plasma TV as opposed to the 37-inch part they accidentally ordered last time.

This day had better get better...

*COUGH* OH--and I found out that what I have is no amount of antibiotics in the world are going to help me. Woo hee! I get to suffer until it runs it's course!
What joy is mine.

Sorry folks, I get hideously sarcastic when I'm miserable. Can't help it.


Michelle Miles said...

Poor you. Drink lots and lots of hot herbal tea. Get more eucalyptus! And rest, girl! (I know - easier said than done on the resting part seeing as how it's ONE WEEK until Christmas).


Lara said...

ooooh, I need to try that!