Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bah Humbug From Bed...

Well, I've been in bed yesterday and today. I am afraid I officially need antibiotics. Apparently you can take certain kinds when pregnant, so I am calling my OB first thing tomorrow to get some. My head cold has gone into my chest now, and I'm a hacking, cement-headed mess.

Hubby was an angel yesterday. He's been on antibiotics for a few days and is feeling better, so he took the kids to see Eragon while I slept. Then he took them to dinner, and THEN to the mall (scary move, in my opinion) to buy my Christmas presents.
And he only called me once, to tell me that the boys were being *turkeys* at Barnes & Noble. (Heh heh, I noted with glee after that phone call that he was indeed following the Christmas List I wrote out for him...#3 was a B&N Giftcard.) :-)

They got home really late for the kids--Ten p.m., but I could tell they were very excited and bursting with secrets.

So I'm in bed again today and I'm already halfway through my favorite novel of all time: Pride and Prejudice. Yes, I'm a walking cliche--Jane Austen is my heroine. But I haven't read it in about five years, so it's about time.

I am also reading my other writing buddies' blogs and they are all cooking and baking up a storm, and I feel DEPRIVED. This is the time of year I love to do that too, and I am a sickie, and have no desire to stand in the kitchen for hours. I have a ham in the crockpot today, but that's about it. Hopefully I'll get better in time for THE BIG DAY and I'll want to bake, because I always do a big tray of assorted cookies for Christmas Eve and also cookie plates for our friends.

Given the state I'm in, I currently don't have the desire to do any of it. Hence the need to get Not to mention the in-laws are descending on Christmas day, and I have a house to clean (and KEEP clean) until then.

Where's the damn bubble bath? I need one, and some chocolate. Oh, never mind, I can't taste it anyway.

Hmmmph. Bah.

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