Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Friday!!!

I don't work today...but I have to sit at home and wait for the TV repairman from 9-12, I just hope he comes early so I can run around!

I have to give a talk in church this Sunday, so I guess I'd better work on that. They only need about 15 minutes from me. So I can gather info and put it together while I'm waiting for the FedEx truck, because I bought Hubby a Christmas present that requires a signature at delivery, so I get to wait for THAT too. But it's worth the secrecy. Hubby will be surprised!

Okay, had a VERY funny conversation with Thing Three this morning. He came bounding down the stairs, with the energy only a six-year old has, and he got into the bed and cuddled with me while we talked. At 6:30, I asked him to go and wake up his brother and sister. He ran upstairs, flipped on their lights and told them to wake up, then ran back down to our room. Thing Two came stumbling downstairs, but the Princess was still fast asleep. So I knew I needed to go up there. Thing Three leaned in to me and said:

Him: I can do my trick on her to get her to wake up, Mom.

Me: What trick is that?

Him: I just tell her I'm stealing something from her room and she pops right up out of bed and gets up! Ha ha ha!

Hubby had just gotten out of the shower and we both burst out laughing. One thing our daughter HATES: when her pesky brothers mess with her stuff. Thing Three definitely has it nailed. It was too funny.

Needless to say, I went up and woke her up. She went to a late birthday party last night and I knew she'd be tired in the morning.

This weekend should be good...we're hitting all the local Boston Stores for fun and of course we always end up buying stuff...I LOVE Boston Store.

And then I have about 3947 presents to wrap because if I don't, my closet is going to EXPLODE. I need to wrap and label and move them into the "hiding spots" in the basement. Although that will prove problematic since we have a guy coming over Tuesday to build shelves in our basement for all our food storage. So I need to think of a new hiding place. Hmmmmm.

Well, got to get the kids to school! Have a happy weekend, everyone. I just hope we have two degrees to rub together, here. We're in the MINUSES with windchill. NOT FUN.


Michelle Miles said...

HA! Kids. Gotta love 'em.

Stay warm! Hey it's 25 outside here. That's cold for me. LOL

Lara said...

Have you heard of Bon Ton, Devon? They just bought a chain of stores in the Midwest, (formerly owned by Saks) called Carson Pirie Scott. Boston Store falls under the Carson's umbrella, (as does Yonkers, Herbergers, Bergners, Parisians, etc) and it's all owned by Bon Ton now. But Boston store is a lot like a Macy's--and lots of fun!

Lowa said...

I have never heard of ANY of these stores. Except Macy's. We had "The Bon Marche" for a long time, but Macy's bought it and now it is just Macy's. Still takes getting used to!

That is funny about Thing Three and him figuring out how to push his sister's buttons! LOL Even though I don't know what he looks like, I can picture him telling you all about that. I can just imagine how proud he was of himself and I love how he called it a "trick"! I adore little boys and am so blessed to have three. I hope you have three also, although another girl would be fun too, eh??

Man, how early do your kids get up!?!? Even our early riser doesn't get up until 7ish. The 14 year old stumbles out of bed at 7:45 and is out the door by 8:05. He obviously showers at night:)

Hope the TV guy comes earlier rather than later. You are brave to stay home for that. When hubby worked in an office, he would try to work from home on days like that. I can't stand the idea of a strange guy coming to the house with just me (or worse, just me and the kids) so I am thrilled that hubby works from home 100% of the time now. Especially since he just made my coffee while I made his eggs:) We can stay in PJ's all day if we want, I love it!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Kids are a riot.