Wednesday, December 13, 2006

All Hail Vicks Vapo-Rub...

Status: Feeling better today, but not out of the woods yet.

My friend Devon recommended Eucalyptus oil to help me breathe, and since it was late at night, I discovered that a major element to Vicks Vapor Rub is...lo and behold...Eucalyptus, so I unscrewed the jar and inhaled it for a while. It actually did help, although trying to sleep was interesting. I only woke up once last night, but I was choking. NOT a good feeling. Poor Hubby was still up several times to blow his nose. I think we are ready for these colds to be DONE.

Busy day today. I have a morning Dr.'s Appt (my monthly O.B. checkup) and then it's off to work--only four hours, thank heaven, and then I have to run to the school for an IEP meeting for Thing Two. So, another day of running around and no down time. Thursday is going to be CRAZY. I am sitting on tons of packages and Christmas cards to be mailed and if I don't get them out this week I'll be a dork. I mean, why expend the effort, and NOT mail them? Doesn't make sense.

Tomorrow I get to find out what the baby is! It's my 20-ish week ultrasound, although I'm 22 weeks. So hopefully the baby will cooperate and his/her Control Freak parents will get what they need to know. ;-)

I told Hubby to get me a big giftcard to Barnes & Noble or Half-Price Books this year, because I have some RESEARCH to do for my novel, that I'm determined to get written after all the Holiday craziness. I will be a little rusty, but it's good and damned time. Enough "but the house isn't unpacked, and I'm crazy" crap. No more excuses. Only New Year's resolutions, and writing.

Into the shower I go...

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Michelle Miles said...

Congrats on the resolutions. :) I know you can do it!!