Thursday, December 07, 2006

Whoa, There.

I swear this baby has doubled in size in the last week. I have officially "popped out." Can't hide the pregnancy any more. And we get to find out what the sex is, next week. That will be fun. They are having a HUGE infant sale at Boston Store so we need to find out so we can go crazy.

I was a little stressed yesterday because Thing Three had a high fever. He came home from school with it (eek!) and was burning up until I dosed him with Motrin. I set my alarm for 2am this morning to check on him and give him more medicine, but he was sleeping peacefully and he wasn't hot. This morning he feels fine, too. I am more than relieved. I will NOT send a child with a fever to school, and I have to work a long shift today. So I had the major dilemma of calling out or not. Luckily, he seems OK this morning so I don't have to worrry. But the last thing I need is to have to send my sick child out in 5 degree weather! UGH. And this school has FOUR recesses. I will just have to bundle him up more than usual. I had this conversation with him yesterday:

Me: Are you warm enough during recess?

Him: Not really.

Me: What part of you is cold? Your feet? Your hands? Your legs?

Him: Well...just my nose.

I had to laugh at this, because his NOSE is the only thing not covered when I bundle him up. At least it wasn't anything more vital. Besides, the kids run around so much at recess (have you ever watched them play? They are absolutely manic the way they run around) I'm sure they keep plenty warm.

Time to get ready for my loooooong shift today. I hope my feet hold up!


Lowa said...

Yes, I am glad he's better too!

His nose:) How precious!

My Mum actually crocheted (sp??) my son a "nose warmer" last winter. Pretty cute. If you care to see how cute, it is found on my Feb 19 post from this year. Maybe Thing Three needs one??

Oh, also. Dead Man's Chest. My older two did not even see the Original until this past year and our younger two are not allowed to see it. I took the older two to Dead Man's Chest when it came out, and they did fine. But certainly the 6 and 7 year old can't see it for some time. I LOVE it, but yes, NOT for kids.

Michelle Miles said...

Glad the baby is better. You're smart to keep him home if he's running a fever. :)